Training update: 111 days until the Austin Marathon, weekly recap...

Last week went well I think. My legs feel fresh and I feel decent over all. I ended up logging 22.85 miles running, 7.5 spinning and got an hour or strength training in. I feel like I’m hitting the groove, with fitting everything in, which is nice. This week, my long run will actually be a race…the Hot Chocolate 15K. I’ll be running/ walking it with my wife. This will be Pam’s first 15K. I’m looking forward to it, and to visiting with old friends too!

This week was colder, so much so I’ve been cycling in my cold weather gear. I found out yesterday my compression tights and long sleeve compression top are now not so snug. I have some chafing in a couple of odd places. While not ideal, it shows I’m still losing fat. I can deal with that fact. I can get new gear.

And while i’m talking about gear, I’m officially calling my Garmin Forerunner 110 dead. It’ll turn on sometimes;¬† when it does, the screen stays stuck on the clock. The buttons don’t seem to work. I’ve tried 3 hard resets, and no progress; I’m at a loss. I’m looking to upgrade and would love to get the Forerunner 610. We’ll see. I was hoping to get out to Runners High n Tri to see what they have in stock today, but I don’t think I’m going to have time to get there. Maybe I’ll try for later this week.

As far as training this next week, I have runs on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Strength with Ashley on Tuesday and the race on Saturday! Nothing crazy, just something everyday! I also joined the #PlankADay revolution on twitter. It’s simple, you do a plank a day and tweet about it. I started last night and did my plank earlier this AM.

Looking ahead, I have a hunch that I have a hill run in the near future. If I had to guess, I’d say next week after the race. To be honest, I’m itching for it. I know Austin is WAY hillier than Chicago, and I need to get some hills in!

Lots of big things ahead and I’m excited! More later!


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    hows the no weigh challenge going?

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