The No-weigh challenge

On a recent run with Steve we both talked about how we let our respective scales somewhat rule our lives. Either by letting the number dictate our mood, by obsessing over the number we get or constantly checking and weighing in.

After some thought, we came up with a possible solution. Starting today, after our morning weigh ins, we’re going scale free until Thanksgiving. We’re calling it the No-weigh challenge! The rules are simple, we weighed in today, and won’t weigh in again until November 24th! I’ve locked our scale at home in the closet. OK, I haven’t. I just moved it closer to Pam’s side of the bed! We’ll be doing this on the honor system. If one of us caves and weighs in, we should fess up and admit it.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to get the shakes in a day or two from withdrawal, but I honestly think this is a great idea! I have become a scale addict- weighing in every morning, at night, and sometimes on weekends, a couple times through out the day. Yep, I obsess. And it stops now!

While the number on the scale tells me how much I weigh, I’m done trying to let it define my worth. That’s a great quote Steve sent this morning, and it rings true for me. I don’t need to see the number to know if I’m eating the way I should be eating.

So, I declare the No-weigh challenge as open! We weighed in this morning; Steve at 185lbs and me at 219lbs. We’ll see how well we do between now and Thanksgiving.

I really like this idea and thought I’d throw it out there to you in case anyone wanted to join in and have some fun. If you want to participate, go weigh in and leave a comment below. If you’re comfortable, leave your weight. I’ll take everyone who comments and will send notes to the group to see how it’s going. Again, we’ll be on the honor system.So if you slip up, it’s OK. Fess up and move on! And then on Thanksgiving, we’ll heck back in and see how it went!

Sound like a plan? Let’s do this!


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    I'm in Dan, this morning I was at 181.3, up 3 lbs from Marathon Sunday. Sounds like a good challenge.

  • Awesome, welcome aboard!

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    Hi there! I'm game for this challenge also. I will weigh in tomorrow morning. Do I have to post it here or can I just keep track?

  • In reply to Jennifer Barrett:

    You're in! If you don't want to post it here, that's fine!

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