T-minus 3 days and counting until the Chicago Marathon

I’m not nervous, but I am anxious today. Actually, my mind is racing a bit. So bear with me as this post will jump around a bit.

I woke up early and got my run in, 40:00 easy, zone 1. I got back around 5:15ish, crawled back into bed and fell asleep! Ha! Luckily I had set the alarm again! The run sort of helped with things. I still feel amped up.

Today is my last work day of the week. Tomorrow I’ll head to the expo and help get things organized for the Run with Heart team for tomorrow evening and Sunday. We’re having a runner meet n greet for the team in the evening. And I’ll help make sure things are set for Sunday, for pre/ post race and out at the Charity Block Party. FYI runners, if you want some high fives there, 4th group on the left, blue tent! That’ll be the Viamedia/ American Heart Association peeps!

Speaking of race day, I thought about sharing some tips, but there are plenty of people giving advice. All of it good…

– Regular Joe Running has some great race day tips and how to not be a bonehead.

– Dave Wallach share some marathon spectating tips, so did Ashley Bond.

And there’s a ton more out there. My only tip, enjoy it. That’s my plan.

I’m going to enjoy Sunday. I don’t give a whoop that it’s supposed to be warm. Every time someone asks how I’m holding up, or if I’m worried about the weather, I tell them the same thing. I’m excited. I’m ready. I can’t wait! Two years ago I couldn’t and wouldn’t run. I’m going to enjoy all 26.2 miles, each and every step, to celebrate how far I’ve come! Sunday will be my exclamation point on these past 2 years; down 115 lbs and counting!

And when I need a boost Sunday, I’ll think of the cause I run for, the American Heart Association, for both my dad and for K. I hate heart disease and CHD. I still remember the feeling of terror I had when my dad had his heart attack and triple bypass, and trying to get to Austin. I yearn for the day no child needs to see their parent like that; and for the day no parent has to see their child like this, or go through what we had to.

I look forward to the day children don’t have to go through what K went though. If you’re willing, please hop over to this link and make a donation. Thank you for helping me stomp the crap out of heart disease and CHD!

The family has shirts to wear on race day; they arrived yesterday and I think they look awesome! And yes, they were inspired by my favorite kids book I’ve read to both girls…Go, Dog. Go!

Another note for Sunday. I have a Cover It Live live ticker set up, which should pull in tweets from my family. I am going to pass my phone off to someone and have them give updates…most likely my dad. We’ll be using #GoDanGo as the hashtag. Do me a favor, if you’re going to be out there, and you see me. Tweet about it, and use the #GoDanGo tag! If it works, it should turn out to be a decent live recap of the days events!

I’ll try and post some pics from the Expo tomorrow, but it may happen on Saturday.

3 to go!

More later!


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