Austin Marathon training has officially begun.

I was finally able to get out for a run this morning which means training for Austin has officially begun! I’m all kinds of excited for this race in February! One, it will be my first out of state race; two, it’s down by my dad and step mom and three, Pam, the girls and I are making a vacation out of it! Awesome!

Coach Jen had me down for 3 miles easy today and wanted me to touch base afterwards to let her know how it went. While my legs felt a little tired, it felt fantastic to be back running. Don’t get me wrong, the down time has been nice but I’ve been itching to run the past few days!

And after seeing the schedule, this week is slow and easy. Jen wants to ease back into things and I’m cool with that! Tomorrow I get back to the gym with Ashley Bond, and I’m assuming we’ll go easy on the legs.

More good news from the run, my knee felt decent. There was a twinge near the end of the run but it feels alright now. I’m cautiously optimistic, but will take it a day at a time. I may pick up a brace, I haven’t really decided.

On the “figuring out the dizziness” front, I went in for blood work for my physical and had an EKG done. I’m glad my doctor is being thorough. I’m hopeful this isn’t anything major and just a mild hiccup. I also have a follow up with Beth Shutt, my RD, on Friday to see if my marathon issues are race week or race day nutrition/ hydration problems.

Speaking of Beth, if you look on the side bar, you’ll notice the live chat that’s set up for Friday at 1pm! Beth will be my special guest and we’ll be chatting about nutrition, training and healthy living. Feel free to join us Friday; if you can’t leave a question in the comments or shoot me an email with your question, and I’ll get you an answer!

More later!

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