Taper time...a quick update

I was scarce last week because I was laying low, fighting off being sick. I thought I had it beat on Friday night and was planning for my long run on Saturday morning. But after a long night, when I finally got up, I felt queasy. So I decided to move the run to yesterday. I hung out with Pam and the girls Saturday and got in a three hour nap! It was awesome! We also kept the TV off…a nice change of pace for us. I read a lot, getting through 2 book on my nook color.

I felt shaky yesterday but quickly realized I was hungry and really, really thirsty. After a while I was fine. I ended up running out in Arlington Heights just after noon with Steve. We had a solid run and enjoyed the odd weather. Raining and gloomy one minute, sunny and warm the next.We held a decent pace despite a couple of stops for fluids, including Runners High n Tri!

It was nice to get out and get that run out of the way because it’s officially taper time! Woo hoo! 13 days to go until the marathon and I’m excited! I’m ready and am looking forward to running on the 9th!

The response to the new Dads Who Run series has been awesome! Look for the second installment on Wednesday! I’ll also post more this week as well! Have an awesome Monday, make it great!

More later!

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