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A month and a little less than a day away...

Holy crap! That’s what I kept saying to myself yesterday at the Chicago Marathon Charity Operations workshop. It’s getting close. Like I need to tell you. If you’re a runner you know how close the marathon is. If you’re not sure, I just put it in the title up there. I’m anxious not just because... Read more »

Be careful: The story about that one time I fell down the stairs before my long run.

My fellow runners, fellow marathoners and soon to be new marathoners…learn from my lesson. I’m klutzy. I try to be careful, I swear. But it doesn’t always work out for the best. Sometimes I’m rushing, other times I just lose a slap fight with gravity.Like the time in high school where a group of us... Read more »

On my run this morning I thought about who I'm thankful for...

Before I get to far into this I want to say I know I’m not the first person to make lifestyle changes, to lose weight and get healthy and I certainly won’t be the last. When people tell me that what I’m doing inspires them a part of me has a hard time processing or... Read more »