Nine days to go until the Chicago Marathon

I’m excited!

Phil talked about where he’s at nine days out and shared an awesome video, which I’m sharing as well!

Last night I got a run in after work. I met Ben, a fellow dailymiler, and we ran for a bit. It wasn’t the greatest run but I got some miles in.

As I headed to get K from school I took a detour and drove part of the marathon course. I’m taking more time this year to visualize things. Especially now that I’ve been through it once. I’m starting by focusing on where I started to struggle last year. As I drove it, I saw myself running strong this year. It helped. I sat last night some and this morning thinking: I’m going to run well!

After my morning visualizing and meditation I hit google reader and browsed a bit. A couple few of interesting links…

With that, taper weekend is almost here! Enjoy it, rest, relax and have some fun!

More later!


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  • Thank you for the inspirational video! After watching that video I have been inspired to no longer ever make love to a woman weighing over 200 lbs!!!

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