Dads Who Run: Meet Christopher Harris

This is the second installment of Dads Who Run here on cubicle dad runs.

Working parents have a lot on their plate. And as a working dad, I think we sometimes get taken for granted. It’s tough to balance work, family and life in general. Now add in endurance sports? You’re upping the ante a bit. I thought it would be nice to highlight some Dads who run! If you’re a dad who runs, and want to share your story, send me an email and we’ll talk!

With that said, take it away Christopher!

1. Introduction

My name is Chris and I’m a dad who runs. But it wasn’t always that way…after all, my kids are only 3 and 5. And I only started seriously running in April 2010. Now some people tell me “Chris, you used to run in the Army” and I would tell them that’s true but I never ran for myself. Since I was a reservist I typically crammed to pass the Army Physical Fitness Test…and all of that cramming was years ago so it doesn’t count or contribute to who I am as a runner today.

2. How long have you been a runner?

I started running for several reasons. One would be support my yearly resolution to lose weight (did you notice I said yearly resolution?). Another reason was because my wife was entering a half marathon and I thought it’d be a good idea if I ran the half marathon as well. Then I had a friend ask me to run a 5k with him. I ended up signing up, he bailed on me to help with flood relief in Nashville (dang good doer) and I ran it by myself. It was a wicked course with the first half being downhill (you do the math). At the end I was hooked. I was so hooked that I got injured and wasn’t able to run the half marathon. Despite not running the half marathon, I did end up running multiple 5k’s in 2010. At the end of the year, I set my sights on a marathon in May of 2011 which meant some serious training.

3. What are your running goals?

So what’s up next? Right now I’ve got a marathon in October that I’m currently training for. After that I’m planning on taking a break from marathons and focusing on distances of 13.1 miles or less for at least a year so I can focus on my speed. In turn that should help me get some running time in with my daughter who is starting to show more interest in running. I’m really looking forward to getting in some quality miles with my kids…

4. Is it easy for you to balance everything? (i.e. work, family, running)

In the course of my training, even prior to my decision to run the marathon, I discovered that with a family, full time job, and helping to take care of things around the house that the best time to run was in the morning. Running long distances could be considered somewhat selfish, especially considering the amount of time that has to be invested on a weekly basis.

5. When do you run? Do you schedule time or just go?

I’ve found that the best time to be selfish is 4:30 am. Which in turn makes me quite a killjoy once 9:00 pm rolls around and I’m fast asleep. This also means that I watch less TV, which I highly recommend for everyone.

Additionally I love how my family has become focused on our health, nutrition, and fitness. My son told his teachers at school the other day that when he grows up he’s “going to big like his daddy and run fast.” Knowing those words came from my son really warmed my heart.

6. Do you share your story? (i.e. blogging, twitter, facebook)

Something else happened when I started running. In addition to showering more often and losing weight (a little over 80 pounds), I got on the DailyMile, changed my avatar on Twitter to that of me running (you can follow me @MO_sisu), and I started a blog which I don’t honestly keep up so it’s not really worth sharing a link. I love to talk about running and anything running related (shoes, nutrition, training plans, etc.).

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