Race week update from Tampa, FL...

hot and stickyI’m about 10 minutes from the start of the day’s off site meeting for work so I thought I’d give a quick update.

Yesterday was our travel day down here, to sunny rainy and humid Tampa. I got a quick 4 mile run early, before Pam and the girls got up. I spent the morning with them which was nice; we headed out for breakfast before heading to OHare. I hate saying goodbye, especially to my kids…I felt so bad walking away. Yeah, I’ll be back Thursday night, but I miss them, and Pam, a lot.

We landed here yesterday around 4:20pm and grabbed a shuttle to the hotel. The national team was gathering in a hospitality suite, having a few drinks and some food. It was nice getting to see everyone. Most of the team I see at these meetings once a year.

A few of us snuck out last night and caught a movie…Captain America was AWESOME. I loved it. I need to find the soundtrack ASAP and add it to the playlist!

I got up at 5 for a 5 mile run. It was windy and humid out but was awesome running along the beach. A lightning storm started to roll in, and it’s been really fun to watch on the balcony this morning. Yes, I’m blogging from there. Today should be fun. I’ll be sharing updates on the meetings for work on twitter and the work blog as well as leading a discussion or two.

Coach Jen wanted me to write down a reason why I’ll have a good race on Sunday…here’s today’s reason: I’m going to have a great race because I’m ready. I’m faster, a little leaner and smarter than last year.

And now some rock n roll to set the mood…

With that I should probably head down for breakfast!

More later!

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