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Rock n Roll Chicago Race Expo, quick recap...

OK, OK…I promised this yesterday, I know. I ran out of time. The Rock n Roll Chicago race expo was pretty cool! I wanted to snap a lot of pictures, but after a while I grew tired of that and decided to chat with folks and see what each vendor had going on. I ran... Read more »

Race week update: Rock n Roll Chicago, it's race expo day!

Two days and counting! Woo and hoo! Two things stand out today- it’s a rest day and it’s race expo day. A tricky mix of checking out everything at the expo and laying low. I’m actually excited for Sunday. I’m sure the nerves will kick in tomorrow evening and Sunday morning…but for now, I feel... Read more »

Race week update from Tampa, FL...

I’m about 10 minutes from the start of the day’s off site meeting for work so I thought I’d give a quick update. Yesterday was our travel day down here, to sunny rainy and humid Tampa. I got a quick 4 mile run early, before Pam and the girls got up. I spent the morning... Read more »

Race week: 2011 Rock n Roll Chicago 1/2 edition

What has two thumbs and is excited? This guy! Why? Because it’s race week! It’s race week! Not only is this rest week, it’s “let’s cram as much as possible and see how well Dan manages to stay sane” week! Before looking ahead, let’s review the weekend. So I wasn’t able to make it the... Read more »

When you can't go to the 5K, run your own...

Tomorrow morning I was going to run the 5K at the Second Annual Champion’s Run 10K & 5K presented by Adrenaline Sports Management! Pam’s schedule was changed and I have no one to watch the girls. I admit, I was a little bummed as I haven’t had a chance to run a 5K in good... Read more »

How do you prepare mentally for a big race?

It’s gorgeous out today. This morning’s run was cool and fun; definitely a nice change from the last couple of weeks. I can’t wait for cooler temps. I’ve talked about it with runner friends. Some have said that the hot temps now mean it will be cool in October. I don’t buy it and I’m... Read more »

Workout at HiFi Personal Fitness...

When I started training, I wasn’t sure how I’d get gym workouts in during the day. I tried to go early mornings before work. But that got to be a bit much so I started to try and go over the lunch hour.I felt like a fish out of water, the whole concept of going... Read more »

A cowbell, 13 miles and 9 bags...

Here’s to hoping everyone had an awesome weekend. I had a blast though it started a bit rough. While Friday’s live chat went well! And I was able to raise $750 towards the goal of $1,000 I set for the day! Awesome! Thank you to those who donated! I appreciate the support. If you didn’t... Read more »