Long run recap, Door County edition...

My last run in Door County happened to be my long run today. I decided to go all out and run through Peninsula State Park. I shared my planned route yesterday, and after driving it I emailed Coach Jen to see if she wanted me to tackle the hills. She did, so I prepared mentally.

I woke up at 5:15am feeling decent and got ready fairly quickly. I was ready and out the door by 6am. Not bad, but my legs felt tired. I did my best to stay positive and did so until about mile 7. Then I threw up. I had a coughing fit climbing the hill and it just happened.

It threw me off a bit, and I swore at that damn hill, a lot. I hit 7.25 mile mark an d saw time wise I needed to start heading back. I walked a minute to regroup. On the way back, about 4 miles from the end, I got to the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse and had to make a pit stop. Apparently I drank colon blow last night, and I had a cleansing. Luckily it was early and no one was there yet.

As I finished I got a text, the cavalry was on the way. My FIL drove Pam to where I was and she ran the last 4ish miles with me back to the townhouse. I was grateful for the company as I was struggling.

I held on and got 14.5 in 2:45:00, minus the walk time and poopin’ time. Not bad considering how out of it I felt. I adjusted on the fly. I ended up getting in 14.5 miles.

You can click the map below to see the updated route.

It’s our last day and we’re hitting the beach, which is awesome. I can lounge and play with the girls.I’m glad we’ve had a chance to get away but am a little sad our trip is ending. It’s been a long time coming, and I can’t wait for the next trip to Austin, in February!

I’m sure I’ll post at some point this weekend after we get home. I’ve got to share news about the ChicagoNow Fast Action Response Team, or Team Turducken, that will be running the Chicago Triathlon relay. More on that soon!

More later!

Oh yeah, and go vote! Please and thank you!

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