Getting (re)organized...

I’ve written before about balancing work, family, volunteering and training and how I try to stay on top of everything. I’ve had success using Google Calendars and thought I’d revisit the topic again after a coworker asked how I keep tabs of everything.

It looks pretty busy in the pic to the right (you can click to enlarge). You’re seeing the following calendars…

  • My work schedule
  • My training calendar
  • A family calendar with important dates (birthdays/ anniversaries)
  • An AHA Run team calendar

And  I’ve added 2 calendars to the mix because I saw a need. I replaced Pam’s school calendar with a work schedule. The nice part of Pam’s job is that she gets a tentative schedule a month or so out. It helps get a rough look at what’s ahead, especally if she’s traveling, like today and tomorrow. I also added one for both K’s and PG’s school schedules. Figuring it would be wise to add that and keep track of when they are off of school instead of feeling surprised when a day off for them would pop up.

I do like that I’m able to pull in the training calendar Coach Jen sets up from Training Peaks. I can adjust them there and it updates in my calendar view in Google. I also added the Calendar sync tool Google offers which syncs with my Outlook calendar at work, now I don’t have to log changes twice. I can change it in either place and it carries over.

Seeing everything in one place helps a lot. And if it gets too overwhelming I can “peel away” layers, and drill down to one or two calendars to see what’s going on. And with my android phone I’ve always got my calendar on me…unless I’m running and don’t have my phone.

Is this the best way? Probably not, but it works for me. If you don’t have a system and have a lot going on, give it a try. You might find it useful. If you’ve got something different, feel free to share! As we tell K, there’s more than one way to do something.

More later!

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