Pink shirt!

I’m glad I switched my run to Sunday and had Saturday as a rest day. It was effing hot out! Sunday I headed out to Arlington Heights and ran with Steve. We even swung by Runners High n Tri to see Mark and Pom! It was a fun run despite the temps! After the run I headed for home.

Pam, the girls and I went clothes shopping that afternoon because we all needed to update the wardrobe! Especially Pam and I as we both made due until she graduated. We’ve lost a lot of weight, so this has been a long time coming!

I picked up a couple new pairs of pants. I tried on a 36″ waist and while I could get them on, they were tight and didn’t look so good. SO close! Damn it! I was bummed for a second but I’ll be in that size soon enough!

I also got a few shirts. K decided she wanted to help me pick them out. With her eyes lit up she grabbed a pink polo one and shouted, “this one!!!” She grabbed a large, and I figured I’d try it on…and it fit! So I did what any former fat guy would do, I did a happy dance at Old Navy and we ran to find Pam to show her. It was probably a sight to see.

Why am I so excited about a pink shirt? Because it’s new and because it’s a large. Do you know when I last wore anything large? Never. That’s right, it’s never happened before!

Other than that, the weekend was low key. Yesterday’s run was tough. I struggled a bit. From the get go, I just wasn’t there mentally. I slept longer than I wanted…yeah, I needed it, but I got moving later and it was warmer. So I was grumpy.

I wasn’t moving super well to start. I warmed up for 15:00, the time it took me to get to the trail. I did a 6 min tempo run, HR in zone 4 then 3 min easy. Then 4.30 tempo/2 min easy; 3 min tempo/1:30 easy; 2 min tempo/1 min easy; and 30″ fast/30″ easy. Coach Jen wanted me to try and do each hard run faster. I did the best I could with these. I tried to go harder each one but I was out of gas. Or I felt like I was.

Ran back home in zone 2, walked the last 2 blocks to cool down. It was a tough run, but a run none the less.

I enjoyed the extra day off and had fun. I’m ready to take on this shortened, yet busy week!

How did you spend the weekend? Go for a run? Swim? BBQ?

Have an awesome week! More later!

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