Long run recap and my "rest" day...

Friday night I felt ready for my run on Saturday. Coach Jen had me down for 2:45:00. I got up at 5am and my stomach had other ideas. I was queasy. I’m not sure what it was…didn’t really feel nervous, just not right. I had my typical pre long run breakfast. Oatmeal made with unsweetened almond milk, 2 tbl of flaxseed and 2 tbl of peanut butter. I felt like I was choking it down. I hit the bathroom once more before heading out.

I got running around 6am, and over all it went OK. I warmed up fine, at an 11:30 pace the first mile, 11:15 for the next two miles. And then picked it up to 10:30-11:00 for an hour. I was doing alright until about mile 13. My lower back started to ache. I stopped to drink and stretch really quick. I was hunching, and once I caught it and stretched I felt fine. I kept moving and around mile 14, I had severe abdominal cramping, similar to what I had during the marathon last year.

I slowed to walk for a quarter mile and drink more. I backed off eating and pushed fluids. I finished as best as I could. Other than that, it was an OK run. I ran just over 15 miles total at a 10:44 pace. It was cooler than I thought it would be…so that was nice! For giggles I looked back at last year, in July, on a 2:45:00 long run I paced at 13:15 a mile. That’s roughly a 2:30 improvement! Holy crap!

I got home after stretching and grabbed an ice bath. Oh my gosh it felt so good! OK, sure I screamed like Chris Tucker getting in, and again when Pam and the girls splashed me. But once I settled in, it felt good.

After getting some food, I emailed Jen and Beth about the stomach issues and we don’t think it’s nutrition. It’s been working as of late. Best I can think is that I was running pretty hard on top of the pre run stomach issues. That and I don’t think I was drinking as often as I should have been from the 2 hour mark on. My stomach got pissed and reminded me.

The rest of Saturday we ran a few errands, including going to Runners High n Tri for some new shoes! It was cool chatting with Pom and Teresa for a bit and I love the new shoes! After that we hung out with my FIL. It was a nice day!

zone defenseYesterday we got up and started to get ready for brunch when Pam got a call. She was asked to work, and while I was bummed we couldn’t hang out, I understood. K, PG and I went to brunch and then got groceries. I was playing a zone defense with the two of them. This was my first trip for groceries with both of them on my own…I made it out alive, and with most of what we needed. Also, I left with both children, a bonus in my book.

The girls and I got home, cleaned out the fridge, got garbage out and got laundry started. We vacuumed and I did the dishes. Not bad for playing a zone, on my rest day. We hung out and K and I tried to teach PG how to play Sorry. Her version was funnier, as she just kept taking all the pieces, running off and shouting “Sooorrrrryyyyyyy” as she ran away! After that we colored a bit and I made dinner.

As dinner was cooking I weighed in…and over the last 3 weeks, I’m down 6lbs! Boom! I joked last night on twitter that my body must approve of the longer runs. Ha!

This morning I got out for a quick 40:00 run…I got 3.25 miles in and was drenched in sweat. Holy cow was it humid out!

That’s it for now…have an awesome week! More later!



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