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Is someone effing with me? 71 days to go!

Anyone else hear that ticking noise? No? It’s just me? Seriously? Great! Either time is flying by or someone is screwing with me. Which hasn’t happened since my sophomore year at U of I when my jackhole friends kept effing with my clock and my calendar. I was a week off and kept thinking I... Read more »

Great news and some reinforcement

If you follow me on twitter, or if we’re friends on facebook, you already know the news. K’s cardiology appointment went well. But I promised I’d share the news once I knew. And frankly I need to work out what’s been swimming around in my head the past 24-hours. So you’re along for the ride…wheeeeeee!... Read more »

12 awesome and wet miles!

Saturday’s long run was the first long run in a while I was excited for and not really nervous about. After my talk with Coach Jen earlier this week and a chat with Lauren, I’m all about embracing the heat and overall keeping a positive mental attitude. Besides getting ready physically for the marathon, I’m... Read more »

It's hot out, oogah boogah!

Ever since the marathon last year, and the heat fest…OK, long before that; I’ve feared running in the heat. I struggled last summer; including a time or two where I pushed too hard, puked, and had a couple of bad experiences. Every hot run since then I get anxious, hell down right scared. I assume... Read more »

My wedding ring...

Those who know me know that I’m a sentimental guy. Those who are close also know my wedding ring doesn’t fit anymore. I’ve been wearing it on my middle finger since last August. Pam and I have joked that it’s like saying I’m married, eff yeah! But now it’s even getting loose on that finger.... Read more »

I'm tired...

These last 5 days have kicked my butt. Between flying to Boson and back, running there, running 3 hours on Saturday…I’m worn out. Boston is awesome. I had so much fun despite only being there for a little over 24 hours. I got a solid 6-1/2 mile run in…holy crap it’s hilly there! I had... Read more »

Why I: HEART (Dan Malinski)

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I talked about my friend, Joe’s fundraising efforts last week and the ‘Why I’ movement. I mentioned doing a video interview for the Heart event, which will be on August 21st at RGB Lounge in Wicker Park (…go here for details), here is that video! I’m honored to be included…I had fun, hope you enjoy!

Big rest of the week!

I overslept this morning, meaning I have to run at lunch. Tonight Pam is working down in Normal until 9 so there’s no way I can run then. I needed the sleep and it turns out as a blessing in disguise. Running at lunch isn’t bad at all…I get to run downtown, along the lake.... Read more »

Long run recap and my "rest" day...

Friday night I felt ready for my run on Saturday. Coach Jen had me down for 2:45:00. I got up at 5am and my stomach had other ideas. I was queasy. I’m not sure what it was…didn’t really feel nervous, just not right. I had my typical pre long run breakfast. Oatmeal made with unsweetened... Read more »

Guest post: Meet Colleen, The Fit Bee!

One of the things I love most about the last year and a half has been meeting so many new people. From runners to triathletes to people who share a similar journey! I met Colleen, The Fit Bee, a few months ago and she too is a newer runner who has lost over 100lbs! Take... Read more »