Weekend recap...

Weekend recap...

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I know I did! Saturday morning, Coach Jen had me down for a 1:15:00 group run! So I decided I’d drop in on the Niles CARA group and run with them. They meet 2-1/2ish miles from our house, so it was easy to get there. I had a blast!

I met a lot of awesome people and had a solid run. I ended up running 7.14 miles, at a 10:30 pace! I was happy with the pace. I’ve been running slower, feeling slow and like I’ve been in a rut the last couple of weeks. This run snapped me out of it and was a definite confidence boost. I’ve found my new running mantra…Never give up! I was repeating it in my head on this run. Someone should put that on a shirt! Hmmm…

I felt great after the run. I got home and tagged Pam out, she had to head to work right away I knew I’d be cutting it close and made it home just in time! Phew!

K and PG helped me foam roll and stretch some more. And by help I mean use me as a jungle gym.
K then insisted I put an Arctic Ease wrap on my knee…so she helped
with that too. Then we played, all day. Princess dress up, princess
army, the girls turned our living room into a spa; I had my hair and nails “done”. We had
fun and I must say, I look stunning today! Ha!

Yesterday, the 4 of us spent the morning together, and Pam studied in
the afternoon for her second board exam! I spent the afternoon prepping
salad fixings, making quinoa and trying a new recipe…Lazy Pumpkin Oatmeal.
And oh my, it’s awesome! Five total ingredients, took 5 minutes to mix
and then in the over for 30-35 minutes. SO delicious! Next time I make
it I’ll post pics.

All in all, an awesome weekend! This week will be busy as usual. Coach Jen
has me down for a 50:00 hill run tonight, tomorrow bike and gym with
Ashley, run Wednesday, bike and gym on Thursday, and runs on Friday and
Saturday!Adding to the fun, if Pam passes her boards, we should know
later this week, her schedule is probably going to change. So fitting
everything in will be fun!

I’m looking forward to Sunday…it’s the annual Malinski family reunion,
and my dad is coming up for the weekend! It’ll be nice to visit with

More later!

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