Roll with it- Race day changes...

Roll with it- Race day changes...

That’s the face of a guy who just pooped in an alley…ewwww.

I saw this article on, on how to adapt to race-day changes written by Patrick McCrann. It focuses on marathons specifically, but I think it’s a good read for any race really. It also hit home for me. This is something I’m working on. For most of my races in my short running career I had my mentor running with me who could reign me in. Now I’m learning the ins and outs of this on my own.

Coach Jen has had me doing race plans since last June, each race we’ve added a step to the planning process. For my first half this year we included a “what ifs” section. I didn’t think much of it until after the race, when a couple of my what ifs happened and I didn’t react well.

Between typing up my race plan for Saturday and reading this post, it
hit me…Jen is teaching me this skill, how to adapt to things on race
day and not freak out. One big what if for this race is the weather
related…the heat, specifically. We talked about a pacing goal but if
it’s going to be super hot, we’re going to revisit it and adjust as
needed. The other major one is in-race nutrition, it’s trial and error
sure, but keeping calm,not panicking and adjusting will yield better
results than mentally checking out. For both, I know I can adjust on
Saturday based on what’s going on…I need to remain positive.

in a positive state of mind will help with the ability to adapt on race
day. I know the ability to adapt on race day is tied the metal exercise
we’re doing this week. I said I wasn’t going to share any of the
reasons I’m going to have a good race, but I’m sharing part of today’s
note to Coach Jen. To remind
myself why I run and who I run for, I’m going to write Pam and the
girls’ names, as well as mine, on my arms. I’ll have a reminder in sight
the entire race.

I may post tomorrow, I may not. It’s a rest day
and I’m off of work. If you’re racing, enjoy. If you’re coming out to
cheer, cheer loud. If you’re running 13.1 Chicago and want to meet
before or after, email me.

I’m excited. I’m ready to run and have fun. More later!


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  • I love the idea of writing your family's names on your arms! Brilliant! Good luck. Have fun. I cannot wait to hear how you do!

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