My comfort zone...


This weekend I came to a realization. I’ve been hanging on to and wearing some clothes for no real reason other than they’re comfortable. As in, they feel safe. The problem…they’re too big now.

The shorts in the picture are my oldest pair of running shorts. And as you can see, they’re effing HUGE! I started running in these shorts, ran my first half marathon in them…they’re like my blankey. I haven’t stopped to take notice really as I’ve been wearing them to the gym and on an occasional run. Don’t ask me how, I just pull them as tight as I can and make a giant drawstring bow. Stopping and looking at them, it hits home how far I’ve come….wow!

Minutes before this picture, as I was folding laundry I discovered that my favorite pair of khakis have retired themselves. Yes, they’re too big too. Not as bad as my shorts, but still big. I could cinch them up with a belt and was trying to make due until I had to buy new pants again. Well, that time is now as they’ve worn through in a few spots and it’s time to say goodbye.

I sat wondering…OK, maybe moping for a minute or two…about why I was clinging to these items of clothing. I was clinging to what I knew. I’m a guy who likes a set and structured routine, when my routine changes I get uneasy. The shorts and my khakis were “safe”…I knew them. Not only were they comfortable, but in a way both symbolized my old comfort zone. Sometimes change scares me. Part of me has been scared shitless going through this big change. I’ve dragged that part along for the ride, kicking and screaming.

To fully embrace this change…I need to break out of my comfort zone. It’s time to retire the clothes that are too big. No more holding onto them, wearing them or keeping them just in case. I need to move forward and embrace the new me!

So, comfy, long running shorts and comfy cargo khakis…I say goodbye to you. Long shorts, maybe I’ll wear you as a cape for the Chicago Marathon…or grab you by the finish line and pose for a pic with you one last time before burning you. Maybe I’ll frame you as a reminder…that I’m never going back.

Have an awesome week! More later!


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  • That is amazing!

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    Thanks man!

  • In reply to phampants:

    Way to go!! One of my colleagues told me about a book, "Who Moved My Cheese?" because I specifically hate change when it comes to web design, Mozilla Firefox, and blog posting. Either way, you're a rock star and should be proud!

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