Awesome day!

So yesterday was pretty awesome. Though I did learn that double workout days are really tough. I hit the gym with Ashley at noon for strength training and then headed to the Puma Store on State Street for the fun run with Bart Yasso!

I got to the Puma store early with Tom, a fellow Run with Heart teammate. Bart walked in a few minutes after us and we chatted for a bit as folks started to arrive. I met a few folks I follow on twitter and hadn’t met in person yet, and saw a couple of friendly faces too.

Bart welcomed the group and talked about his Badwater 146 experience
through Death Valley, joking that the heat we had wasn’t near the 120
degrees he ran in there! He talked about the joy of his job, going out an meeting runners like us with awesome stories. Bart is right, the running community is awesome and very accepting. That’s one of the things I love about the sport.

We headed out into the heat and humidity and
ran for the lakefront. I was struggling a bit…my legs felt like lead and I was starting to feel sore from the gym. But I didn’t care, it
was a fun run with an icon!

Most folks did the 5K option and headed back to the store. The folks at
Puma treated us well and had plenty of pizza and water on hand! Bart
talked for a bit and answered questions. It was cool just sitting back
and listening! After the Q&A session everyone got copies of My Life on the Run and
Bart took time to sign them for everyone and pose for pictures. A couple of us chatted about a great many things while in line…including sex and training. Which led us to sex in races. As there’s a mile high club, we decided there should be something like this for endurance races….we’re calling it the Distance Club. More on that soon!

 All in
all it was an awesome evening! And then I headed back to the car…and the sky went black! Holy cow, what a storm! It passed by the time I got home, and luckily our neighborhood was spared of major damage and power loss. I got cleaned up and tucked the girls in and caught up on emails. Beth had sent me a note, she had finished with my food log.

Overall I’m doing OK, I have some areas to work on…more carbs, healthy fats and fiber. And I may not be eating enough. I feel like it’s a fine line…eating enough versus eating too much. I told Beth I feel like I err on the side of caution and eat less. In truth I need more calories since I’m working out. Eating less may slow down my metabolism. It makes sense…and I need to take in more. I’m going to log everything, I start and stop too much with this. Doing a food log is a great tool…I just need to get into the habit of doing it all the time. Anyone want to be my food log buddy?

I am going to try the new TrainingPeaks app for my phone and see how it works with inputting my food there. I like it a lot for tracking my workouts, so I’m hopeful it will be useful!

I’m heading out for my run later today with Pam. We don’t get to run together too often and we have a chance to today, so we’re taking it! Maybe we should join the Distance Club! Lol!

Make it an awesome Wednesday! More later!


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  • The way you poop and run, I would stay away from the Distance Club:) Sounds like a great night, sorry I couldn't make it.

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