A little extra motivation...

I need to buy pants again. The size 38″ shorts I bought a
couple weeks ago mark a 16″ loss around the waist since October 2009. I am in between that size and the next one down. When I go, I’m also
going to buy them in the next size down. I’m also going to buy a pair in the size I want to be in- my goal size, if you will.

Why? I say why not. Actually, I think it’d be a nice extra bit of motivation for me. If you’ve seen pictures, you know my belly/ gut is area I need to work on. My goal…to be able to fit into a size 32″ waist by this fall, preferably by the Chicago Marathon. That’s 6 more inches to lose by then.  Totally doable!

I’ll snap a pic of the goal pants and share when I buy them. And I suppose I’ll start sharing new progress pics every once in a while.

More later!


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  • Wow! I havent fit in 32's since I moved to Alaska! Good for you and best of luck, I have no doubt that you will get there.

  • In reply to kkreos:

    I don't recall ever being in that size pants...so this will be interesting! Thanks...and congrats on Mooseman!!!

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