Training recap: 400s, a double digit run and it's race week!

Training recap: 400s, a double digit run and it's race week!

Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days. It was a hard hat and work gloves kind of busy week! OK, when isn’t it a busy week?

Training wise it was tough. I backed off from blogging and volunteering to focus of the family, work and training. I needed to just put my head down and focus.

I was definitely happy to see Saturday…hello rest day!

Monday was an easy run, Tuesday was a strength training day with Ashley at HiFi Personal Fitness.

We did 3 sets of the following:
– lat pull down w/ step behind
– planks on bosu ball w/ roll out (my arms split on the second set and I face planted ont he bosu, awesome)
– e-z- bar bicep curls
– shoulder press
– seated row
-sled + 30lbs
– squats
– dips

Wednesday I ran 400s after work for the first time. I got home and got changed quickly and got moving. The run went alright. I ran 2 miles to warm up, basically to where I was going to run the 400s. I was hung up on how I was going to time the 400s…duh, the lap button on my Garmin.

I had no idea how fast or hard I was to run these, just that I was to try and go faster each one. I did six 400s, and mission accomplished. My times were:

I puked after the 4th and 5th one. My legs felt like they were shot
after the third, my lungs burned and I was hurting, but a good hurt. I ran back home and ended
up doing about 6 miles in all. I got cleaned up, foam rolled and downed 2 eggs, quinoa,
spinach, some black beans and salsa in record time and was asleep by

I was moving slow on Thursday. I met Ashley at HiFi Personal Fitness again. We did a few different things…3 sets each of:
– trx push-ups incline
– shoulder straight raises w/ band
– jumping standing rows
– bosu side kicks
– shoulder raises bent elbows
– stability ball hand off crunches
– calf, achilles, foot arch stretching

Friday I had a 45:00 zone 1 run, and did about 3.5 miles. The best part
about this run was taking K with me. This kid is quick and she ran the
whole way and didn’t complain. It was fun! I’m glad this was a slow run.
I needed it. My legs felt like lead and my abs were killing me.

Saturday I hung out with the girls and did as little as possible. I even
got a rest day nap in, sweet! I hydrated and wore my compression socks
as I had a 2:00:00 run set for yesterday morning. I wasn’t really
nervous to hit double digit mileage again, I was actually excited!

I was also excited to hit the North Branch Trail again. I headed north where I spent a good chunk pf time running with Dave last year. It was nice being on that part of the trail again, sans snow!

I got up at 6am to eat and get ready. I downed a salt tab before heading out, meaning to take them with me. I think I’ve pinpointed the headaches…I think it’s salt. Salt tabs yesterday, no head ache yesterday. Sweet!

I got out to the trail at 7:30 and got moving. I warmed up 3 miles fairly easy and then inserted the 20:00 in zone 4 that Coach Jen wanted. I slowed to zones 2 and 3 the rest of the way, continuing north for the rest of the first hour. I turned around when I hit 5.25 miles.

I really wanted 11 miles…not sure why, I just did. I wasn’t disappointed, but was happy with 10.5miles. I also think I figured out the in race nutrition…no issue using Clif Shot Blox, did 2 every half an hour. Seemed to work just fine. I’m not sure why I stopped using them last summer. While I forgot my salt tabs, I did take one when I got home and I think it helped.

With the exception of the groin pain, or man pain as I’ve described it to a couple of people, I felt good! My legs feel fine today! Coach Jen has me down for a 45:00 spin, and I’m going to knock that out at lunch. I’m glad it’s race week!

Yep, the Shamrock Shuffle is Sunday! Woo hoo! I have to finish my race plan and get it to Coach Jen too. My goal is to get that done tonight!

I’ve also started logging my food. I’ve started and stopped, but my goal is to just keep logging it. I think it will help me keep myself accountable.

Last thing, if you missed the post on Thursday, I’m giving away a free entry to the First Annual Bunny Rock 5k presented by Adrenaline Sports Management on April 23rd! Go here, read and enter! I’ll draw a winner on Friday!

More later!

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