Race weekend- the Shamrock Shuffle 2011 edition!


Photo by Dave Wallach (Pace of Chicago)

Dave Wallach shared Everything you need to know about the Shamrock Shuffle and instead of rehashing everything, I’ll send you to his post.

Who’s excited? Anyone nervous? If you raised you hands to both of those questions, like I did, just keep telling yourself it’s just a run! Relax and have fun!

I’m excited because Pam is running too! This is her first 8K and I’m excited for her! We’re checking out the expo tomorrow with our friends, Charlie and Myriah, who are also running! It’s going to be fun!

Sunday will be my fourth 8K and my second Shamrock Shuffle. Last year’s
shuffle I ran in 58:15. My best memory of the day was realizing what
30,000 people looked like as Dave and I lined up in the corral. I was
scared and Dave was hitting himself, jumping, clapping…I remember
looking at the girls in front of us and mouthing, “help me.”

Dave said we were going to finish in under an hour. I replied, “let’s just finish…”

“NO! Under an hour! I’ll hit you…”

Oh @#$^%!

remember chasing a guy in a peanut suit, peeing in an alley, getting
yelled at for it and being called a damn gazelle. It was a blast!

next 8K was on Thanksgiving…the Turkey Trot. I ran it is 50:56! And
felt good. It was my first race solo after the marathon. I met some
friends, but I ran on my own. I had fun!



I ran the St. Paddy’s 8K, pretty much a year to the day of the Shuffle last year…I ran it in 49:45, an 8:30 improvement and a PR by 1:10!

My goal for Sunday is to PR again, and after the St. Paddy’s 8K it’ll be tough. I don’t
think I ran a perfect race then, so I think it’s doable. I started that a
bit to fast and the fall near the end didn’t help.

My plan is to start slower…11:00 for the first mile, then 10:00 for
miles 2 and 3, then 9:00 for miles 4 and 5. That puts me at about 49:00
ish. We’ll see what happens.

As with the St. Paddy’s 8K, my goal is to enjoy it. I think I glossed
over some of the Shuffle last year because I was nervous. Sure, I’m
nervous but I’ve learned to keep it in perspective.

I know a PR will hurt. I came damn close to puking. Hell, one look at
the Neanderthal there will tell you it was tough. I’m pretty sure I’ll
be puking this time.

The pre race rituals will be back in full effect tomorrow. I’ll cut my
hair tomorrow, for streamlining purposes of course. I’ll
hydrate,eat well and stay off my feet as much as possible. I’ll also
continue the tradition I started at the St. Paddy’s 8K, running with a
gift wrapping bow- to remind myself of how lucky I am to run.
That every run,every race is a gift to myself.

To all those racing, good luck! To those cheering, be loud for all 40,000 runners! To you and to the volunteers, thank you!

If you’re going to be running, if you want to meet pre or post race, email me!

Let’s Do this!

More later!

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