Long run recap and RACE WEEK!!!

Long run recap and RACE WEEK!!!

Happy day after Easter…or as K calls it, another day off of school! What an awesome weekend! Who had an awesome weekend? You? Heck, I did!

Friday I worked from home with the girls. It was a pretty uneventful day really. Saturday I spent the day with them again, laying low and playing. I also got a draft of my Illinois 1/2 race plan to Coach Jen early! Hooray, productivity! I’ll share the plan and goals for the race later this week!

Yesterday I got my long run in after the first of two egg hunts the girls had. I ran an 1:05:00 and ended up getting 5.8 miles in on what Coach Jen called a “fartlek”…8:00 at my 1/2 marathon pace, rest, then 6:00 at my 10K pace, rest, then 4:00 at my 5K pace, rest and finally 2:00 slightly faster than my 5K pace. I felt good and felt like I was moving pretty well! Last week was tough workout wise and stressful. The solid run was a confidence boost.

After my run we headed over for Easter brunch and had a blast watching the girls find a plethora of eggs and con great grandma into more chocolate. PG is quite fond of dark chocolate and was scarfing it down as fast as she could. We had to take the candy away, but she got wise. She’d hurry up and open an egg and jam the contents into her mouth. It was quite entertaining!

This morning I got up at 4:30a and got out for a 4.2 mile run…slower than I wanted but I was having back spasms. Weird pain, shooting down my butt and right leg. I feel fine now…it was odd.

As it’s race week, it’s also a bit of a rest week. Tomorrow I hit the gym with Ashley, which reminds me. I’ve got to finish the video we shot from last week of one of the workouts. I look awesome…if by awesome you mean awkward and uncoordinated. Despite that we shot another video to share. My goal is to have that up in a day or two.

On Wednesday I run, rest on Thursday, short run on Friday and then it’s race day!

Don’t forget to enter to win a race entry to 13.1 Chicago and the Chicago Half Marathon…the Windy City 26.2 Challenge! I’ll draw a winner on Friday!

More later!


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  • 4:30 am! What time do you retire to bed enabling you to get up to run at that hour. Wow, That's a bit of inspiration. I'm thinking I have to try that.......at this moment in time. Tomorrow morning may be a different inspiration. Keep it up, good discipline, good luck.

  • In reply to keeptrying:

    I got to bed around 9pm last night. Usually around then, if not a little earlier.

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