Food log challenge...

Food log challenge...

I mentioned yesterday that I’m going to do a food log continuously, to help keep myself accountable. When I do a food log I see it helps. I just need to get in the habit of doing it…so I am issuing myself a month long food log challenge. My goal is by doing this I’ll help establish a new habit.

As with my weigh ins, I’m going to share the info with you, my awesome readers. I keep my food log on google docs, making it easy to update. You can view it here in html format. It will update as I update it.

Now here’s the fun part, you can join the food log challenge too. It’s easy.

  1. Email me or leave a comment and tell me you’re in.
  2. Start a food log and log everything you eat, drink and do workout wise. I saved a copy of the one I’m using, and you can use that one if you’d like.
  3. Once I know who is in, we’ll start sharing our food logs here on the blog.

Sound like a plan? I think it does!

I’m excited and I think this can be fun way to create a good habit. Who wants to take the food log challenge with me?

More later!

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