Big weekend ahead!

Big weekend ahead!

I finally feel back to normal. On top of a hot race and overdoing it, I fought being sick all week. But I’m back and ready to go!

Coach Jen and I chatted a bit yesterday, adjusting the plan for this week. I was home with K yesterday, for day 2 of fever-boogaloo. Thankfully she is better and back at school today! Yay! With being home, my strength day with Ashley moved to today.

And as I was feeling achy and tired, Jen and I agreed that holding off on the fartlek scheduled and rest instead. I probably could have done it, but in doing so I could have gotten sick. Airing on the side of caution and being smart, I didn’t run. It was the right choice.

Coach Jen and I also talked about adding a Spring marathon to the mix! I’ve had it narrowed to 3 choices for a while: the Walt Disney World Marathon in January, Austin Marathon in February or the Illinois Marathon
in April. I plan to run each at some point, but I’m 99% sure I know
which one. Pam and I need to talk and make a final decision as we’re
going to make it a family vacation too. I won’t name the race until
after Pam and I talk; once we do, I’ll announce it!

This weekend’s long run is HUGE. It’s my last long run before my first
half in 2 weeks. Jen has me down for 2:00:00 on Sunday. I’m going to
head out to Busse Woods and run a little later, at 1pm or so. It looks like it’s going
to be awesome out, so I’m OK with going a little later in the day. I
promised Pam 3 things:

  1. She can sleep in
  2. I’ll do the grocery shopping
  3. She can run first

I think it’s a fair trade! I’m planning on taking the girls with me tomorrow, and knock out grocery shopping fairly quickly. Which will be fun to see if I can corral the two of them, on my own, and get everything on the list…and yeah, I’m thinking of a post shopping recap post.

The plan for Sunday is to warm up  3-4 miles easy. Then run 6:00 at my 1/2 marathon
pace, 2:00 at my 5K pace, then 5:00 easy. I repeat that 3 times. I was
anxious about this run earlier this week, when I wasn’t feeling great.
Now? I’m looking forward to it. If anyone is going to be out running at
Busse on Sunday, give me a shout!

Looking at the schedule for next week, I’m running 6 days, with 2 of those coming on my strength training days- double workout days! Woo hoo! And my long run is a step back before the 1/2.

The best part about the Illinois 1/2 is that Pam and I get to race together again…sort of. Pam and Chicago Daniel are running the 10K. Charlie and Myriah are running the 1/2, which will be their first! I’m excited for all of them!

I also see the weekend as the kick off to celebrating Cinco de Gradu-Mothe-Versary! Cinco de Mayo, on which Pam graduates, Mother’s Day and our wedding anniversary all fall in the span of 5 days! The race weekend gives Pam and I a chance to catch our breath and celebrate coming to the end of a chapter! It’s going to be fun!

I’ll report back after the shopping trip and after the long run…maybe it’ll be 2 posts, maybe one big one. Who knows! Have an awesome weekend! If you’re running, run smart, be safe and have fun! If you’re going to be out at Busse Woods on Sunday afternoon, and want to meet up, let me know!

More later!

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