Weigh-in Wednesday, Year 2, Week 23...

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Results are in…and I gained .9lbs.

I didn’t do too much differently last week, though Sunday I went off the reservation a bit. I didn’t think I would have been stuck in the Lincoln Park Zoo parking lot for 45 minutes! When I met the family for brunch I was starved. I wolfed down 2 eggs, pancakes and bacon in 5 minutes.

After brunch I ran errands with K and didn’t eat until dinner. And we had pizza for dinner…not super. I can’t do that, and I know it. I can’t be too mad about the gain. I knew it was going to happen.

I’m not bummed, more frustrated than anything. I’m impatient.

So frustrated, that while at the gym with Ashley yesterday, I talked
about not weighing in every Wednesday…maybe going with every other

I don’t know, I’ll ponder it some more.

Today I’m celebrating my last day as a 34 year old with a 75:00 or 7 mile run scheduled…which ever happens first. I’m going to run tonight after work, which should be fun…looks like rain! Bring it, Mother Nature!

Next Wednesday we’ll have another healthy living live chat at 8pm! I’m working on a couple of special guests, and as soon as I know that they can be here, I’ll share the news!

Be awesome today! More later!

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