Salad lunches- so far, soooo good.

Salad lunches- so far, soooo good.

I mentioned Sunday that Pam and I set a goal to eat at least one hearty & healthy salad a day. We bought salad fixings and while we were shopping at Meijer on Sunday, we…OK I decided we needed something specifically for our Salad lunches.

Usually when I have ideas like this, Pam gives me a look and just smiles and nods. Hoping I’ll see something shiny and lose interest. But I had a valid point.

We bought these bad boys from Rubbermaid, their 7 cup storage container. And after one day, I think it’s the perfect size! Everything fits nicely and the lid stays on tight! No salad spills yet!

We spent a chunk of Sunday afternoon prepping and chopping everything. I
am glad we did, it’s helped a lot. Pam did this all last summer, no
clue why I didn’t do take a salad for lunch. I guess I assumed it was a
pain to get everything ready.

We really haven’t had to really adjust our morning routine much either. Since
all the prep work is done already, all we have to do is pull it all

2011-03-01 09.19.20.jpg

Yes that’s my fork, and yes I did take a bite of this awesome salad! Click the pic to see the awesomeness in full size!

Yesterday and today, after I got the girls set eating breakfast, I
pulled out the salad fixin’s: spinach, romaine, carrots, cucumber,
broccoli, tomatoes and red & green peppers. For my salad I also add
black beans and some of the quinoa I made Sunday too. Both days I had
our salads ready to go in less than 10:00! Awesome! Pam mixes some salsa
and fat free ranch dressing, I just go with a bit of salsa.

My opinion of salad lunches…awesome! I’m definitely a fan! Adding the quinoa and beans makes it heartier and definitely fills me up.

After I workout with Ashley Bond at HiFi Fitness, me and awesome salad have a date!

Oh, and the verdict/ update on the Chia tapioca pudding recipe?  I posted a pic on facebook last night. The chia seeds gelatinize…Pam says it has the consistency of snot..and on it’s own, I’ll admit the texture is a little odd. The first scoop plopped into the bowl and I was a little leery to try it. Adding a banana definitely helped, and I dig it. I’ll definitely make it again!

Tomorrow I run and weigh-in, so I’ll share the results. And I think we’ll keep the Weigh-in Wednesday chats to the last Wednesday of the month…sound good? Great!

More later!


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  • I think having a salad everyday is a great idea, and the one you have posted here looks amazing. My wife and I have salad for lunch a lot. We usually coordinate the salad with leftovers from the night before. Like today...last night we had tacos with ground turkey breast, and today it's taco salad. If we have chicken breast one night, the next day it's chicken caesar. And so on. The possibilities are endless. Good luck at your weigh in tomorrow. I have been stuck for 2 weeks, but after some advice from trainer friends of mine, I think I should finally post a loss this week.

  • In reply to fult23:

    Leftovers? THAT is an awesome it!

    Let me know how your weigh in goes! I'm hopeful I'll have a loss. We shall see!

  • In reply to fult23:

    Good call although I have to say I am a much bigger fan of Pyrex glass wear over plastic. It stays new looking and is so easy to clean. It seals up real nice. Also if you put something in it that you want to heat up (obviously not a salad) you dont have to worry about eating little bits of plastic.

  • In reply to kkreos:

    Didn't even think of Pyrex! Great idea, Adam! Hey, how's training going?

  • In reply to cubicledad:

    Slow and steady my friend.... really SLOW and.... well not as steady as I would hope, but I'm "gettin er done" so to speak. Really looking forward to spring and being able to ride and run outside. Our snow (in Fairbanks, AK) should be done in the next couple of months. That should be nice!

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