Long run recap, like falling in love all over again!

This morning I set out for my long run of 1:45:00. Coach Jen had it set up like this…
15:00 easy to warm up with five 20-second pick ups to get my legs moving. Then follow that with 15:00 moderate, 15:00 tempo and 15:00 hard. After that, finish up with a moderate effort.

I knew last night I was going to hit the North Branch trail…which I haven’t done too much since the marathon. I got up at 5:30 this morning, got ready and got out at 6:30. I felt decent the first mile…and the five pick ups went fine. I hit the trail and picked up the pace a little bit.

I noticed I had a huge grin on my face a half mile in on the trail. I’ve
really missed running there this winter. It’s so easy, no traffic to
deal with, no asinine jackwagon’s trying to run you off the road…just
you, the trail, nature and time. A mile into the trail it got icy. I had
to run a big part of the next mile or so on the gravel along the side.

I picked up the pace for the next 15:00 and felt alright. I started
huffing a bit, and tried to focus on my breathing. I did alright.


I hit the half way point, stopped to drink and down Clif ShotBlox. I snapped off the pick and headed back!

The 15:00 I had to run hard was, well…hard. With ice here and there, I decided to keep it on the gravel for this. Figured being safe was smart.

I don’t know why, and when it started but I’ve noticed my breathing when I’m going all out starts to sound like the Bill Cosby Lamaze/ natural childbirth bit. It’s very, “zuff, woof, zuff woof, puuush” I had a chuckle as I hit the end of the 15:00 hard run.

I slowed to zone 2 and caught my breath. I really wanted to hit 10 miles, and when I hit the 1:45:00 mark, I saw I was fairly close so I went for it. I hit the 10 mile mark at 1:52:25. Not bad…I paced the run over all at 11:15.  I walked the 2 blocks home and cooled down. I got home, stretched, showered and had breakfast. My legs are a little sore but not too bad.

We’re laying fairly low today so I’ll be able to rest up a bit. Later today we have to do prep work on our salad fixins for lunches.

The week looks like it’ll be busy, but manageable. Tomorrow I have a 45:00 run, nice and easy in zones 1 and 2. I also have an interview with a running legend tomorrow afternoon. I’m super excited and nervous about it. But it’s going to be fun! IF you had a chance to talk with a running legend, what would you ask? Leave your questions below and I’ll include them in the interview!

More later!

As always, if you want to go for a run sometime, shoot me an email! If you don’t already like it, check out cubicle dad runs on facebook and give it a “thumbs up”!

If you didn’t have a chance to register for the Chicago Marathon, you can still run it. If you want to run with heart with the Start! Running team, get information here.


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  • What on Earth got them started? and Do they take anything for their joints?

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