The Shamrock Shuffle is SOLD OUT!

The Shamrock Shuffle is SOLD OUT!

Me, in last year’s Shuffle…photo by David Wallach

The Shamrock Shuffle is coming up fast! And my race season will officially begin! The Shamrock Shuffle is also the first race for the Start! Running Team this year! I’m excited as we have a few folks already signed up- including good friends, Charlie & Myriah, and my wife Pam! We’re running as team cubicle. And we’re all taking ownership of the $26,200 fund raising goal! Yesterday I went into details about what that total signifies…pretty exciting stuff!

I just got the email saying that the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle is sold out! Thats pretty cool for those who are registered…and a bummer for those who didn’t have a chance. But have no fear, cubicle dad is here!

I have in my hand, well in my inbox, an entry to the Shamrock Shuffle– and it could be yours! On Thursday I’ll announce how you can win said entry! Exciting stuff!

Coach Jen has me down for a rest week, and I’m glad. After my long run on Sunday my toe was throbbing. I had a rest day yesterday and am hitting the gym today…so I can take it easy on until tomorrow. I’m supposed to sit down with Meredith and have a chat about nutrition, which will be good too!

My long run Sunday is shorter and I’m down for a group run. Anyone interested? Give me a shout!

Weigh in tomorrow…and I’m thinking about hosting Weigh-in Wednesday chats. Anyone interested?

More later!

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