Tackling "the hill"...again!

Tackling "the hill"...again!

I had forgotten how much hill repeats hurt. And my recollection of “the hill” had faded to the point where in my head it was a happy and fun place. As I turned off of Willow Road and started up the hill to park near the Willowhill Golf Course club house, everything came rushing back…this wasn’t a happy and fun place. And it hit, that yes, this was going to hurt.

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I got there a little early, and sat in the car trying to pump myself up. This would be only my second time at “the hill” without Mentor Dave…the first time I struggled, swore and moved slow.


the hill, at sunrise- Mentor Dave last year, making “the hill” his beyotch!

This time I was meeting a couple of friends, one who I met my first time
at “the hill”. Both Kim and I were the slow pokes that day, we toughed
it out and did 10 our ten miles like everyone else. We’ve run together
on our long runs since then fairly often. Sue, a first timer on “the
hill” joined us. I met Sue through twitter and the huge number of
runners on there, this was our first run together. I felt like I was
slowing Sue down, but she never complained.

We headed down for our first pass, and it came rushing back slowly and
surely. I started to dread reaching the bottom, because it meant we had
to go back up. I groaned as we turned around…we had a 10:45 pace going
down, hitting a 10:11 pace at one point. We slowed a a bit coming back
up, but still managed about a 11:34 pace for the first mile! Holy effing crap, ow! We stopped
at the cars for a quick swig of Gatorade and headed for our second trip.

We were pretty steady through out pace wise all things considered. I like running here because
it’s not one straight shot up. It’s a nice change of pace.

After our third trip I had a PowerBar Gel. Ew, it took all I had to not
vomit it back up. I despise it now after the marathon. I’m definitely
going to have to work on in race nutrition and find something else. I
was hurting and started to swear in my head. And I got loud…that’s
usually the sign that I’m hurting, I get loud and loopy. Kind of like
when I have a few too many drinks. I shout, crack jokes…anything to
try and keep my mind off of the pain.

We got moving again and rocked out 2 more trips giving us 6 miles. Sue
had to get going. I still had 10 minutes or so to run, so Kim hung ran
back down with me. We got down and realized we’d have to run back up
part way…ugh!!! I swore a little more, but we ran it out. We hit the
1:20:00 mark and then walked it in to cool down. In total we ran about 6.75 miles, and did 7.17 total. Not bad!  That’s about an 11:51 pace for the run, I’ll take it. You can “watch” a replay of the run here.

I talked about it with Kim a bit, but I feel like my endurance has
faded. Which, yeah…it has. Sure I’m light years ahead of where I was,
this is still new to me. The post marathon, pre race season is different
and I’m adjusting. Then there’s my fear that I’ll spiral out of control
and eat myself back to blob form. I’m also not where I want to be
physically. Yes, again…so much better than I was last year, and I know
it’ll come. I still struggle with my own self image, what I see in the
mirror, and know where I’d like to be…I just want to be there NOW. A
little impatient? Yep…

Having a half in a couple of weeks has me a little on edge, but with Coach Jen and I are looking at it as a training run I’m not as nervous as I thought I’d be.

And after typing all that, I feel better…thanks readers, thanks for listening…err, reading.

This week I’ve got strength training with Ashley Bond on Monday and Wednesday, and runs on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday! And Tuesday is Pam’s birthday! Yay!!! Should be a fun week!

More later!

As always, if you want to run, with me or with the Start! Running Team for the American Heart Association, shoot me an email…daniel.malinski@gmail.com. And go like cubicle dad runs on facebook!

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