Be careful running this winter...

Seriously, be careful. I went out this morning for my run, and I wasn’t paying close enough attention. I hit a slick spot and wiped out. Landed on my back/ arse. Oddly enough, this was the same block where I fell last winter, same
type of deal. I was transitioning from the side walk to the street. BAM!

Luckily I was near my turn around point. I sat for a minute and did a “systems check”…making sure I wasn’t hurt. Hurting and hurt are two different things. Nothing was broken, so I got up and got moving.

I made my way home in pain and feeling stupid. I read Dave Wallach’s post on winter running/ safety tips…and after surviving last winter while running with Dave and his dog, Daisy…I know I need to be careful. I had a mental lapse.

Thankfully I think I’m fine. A little sore now. I took some ibuprofen and iced my back a bit. I’m moving a little slow but otherwise OK. We’ll see how it is later today.

So, my advice…be careful out there. And if it’s too icy, hit the treadmill or find somewhere else to run.

Lucky for me tomorrow is a rest day! Woo hoo! Sunday I’ve got 90:00 scheduled, and I’m looking forward to it! I’ll be hitting the trail WITH my yaktrax!

Next week Coach Jen has me down for a rest week…and then, the week after…RACE WEEK! Sweet!

More later!

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