Santa Hustle 5K recap

Santa Hustle 5K recap
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Yesterday I took part in the 2nd annual Santa Hustle 5K presented by Adrenaline Sports Management! The theme for the day was what a difference a year makes! Both for me and for this race! Adrenaline Sports Management did an awesome job putting together this year’s race. New course, better route, more to see and do…they even had live reindeer!

The new course was fun and was marked well with signs along the way! The volunteers, err elves, were awesome!

I loved the tech shirts, done up to look like Santa’s coat and belt! The volunteer shirts were green elf shirts, awesome. You can buy them for $10 by emailing Adrenaline Sports Management!

For me this year, I’m 100+ lbs lighter and was really excited about this
race! I saw it as a chance to celebrate my progress!

I thought I’d do something a little different for the recap this
time…I shot video and put together a little recap. It’s rough, but I
had fun doing it. Let me know what you think, if you dig it maybe I’ll
shoot more videos….be gentle.

I got down near the start around 7:30ish. I like being early, it’s my
thing…part of my routine. I sat in the car as it was cold and snowing
out.  I dressed in layers and knew I had enough on for running, but not
enough to stand around in.

I’ve joked about it before, but losing the weight also means I lost a
layer of insulation. This time last year I was walking around in shorts
and a t-shirt in our drafty place. Not so much this year.

I was
going to run with my cousin Nick and the Clarks, Jeff and Pilar. The
weather held up the Clarks a bit, and when we finally connected, I got
my race bib on…with 6 minutes until the start. We hauled arse over to
the start, as you saw in the video and made it before the BOPers crossed
the line.

It was awesome seeing a sea of red against the snowy backdrop of the Lakefront path!

and I hung back with Pilar for almost a mile before picking up the
pace. We had fun hooting and hollering at the other Santas! It really
was fun!

I knew a PR probably wasn’t in the works, I definitely knew a sub 30:00
was out. And really, I was fine with it. I had more fun interacting with
everyone and shooting video. Nick hadn’t run for a while but he hung in
there and ran well!

We finished in 38:34…not bad considering we ran walked the first mile slowly with Pilar and with the conditions.

My phone definitely didn’t like the cold. It was acting funky before the
race. Between the cold and snow it shut off/ froze sometime during the
race. I got it working finally once I was on the way home. Nick and I
hung out for a bit after the race looking for Pilar and Jeff, but it was
effing cold…so we headed out.

We headed to Bleeding Heart Bakery,
where Nick’s girlfriend works. I got Pam and the girls a treat and was
convinced to try a chocolate chip and bacon cookie. It. Was. Awesome! A
great treat after a fun run!

Coach Jen and I talked and today I’m going to make up part of my run from Thursday…the running drills. Other than that it’s a rest day.

This week will be busy but I’m more excited than stressed. I’ve got a full week of workouts scheduled! I have the first American Heart Association Running Team
committee meeting on Thursday…I’m anxious and excited to get things
rolling! If you’re interested in running with heart in 2011, let me know!

Some of the “high ups” from work will be in town this week, and it will
be good to see them! It will also be a short week as I have vacation
time to use before the end of the year. Yep, I’m taking Thursday and
Friday off! Sah-weet!

Next Sunday, Coach Jen has me down for a 1:20:00 group run. Who wants to run? Where should we run? Along the lake? If you’re interested, holler!

More later!

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