Holy crap, I'm busy...err something.

Holy crap, I'm busy...err something.

I’ve been quiet lately here on cubicle dad runs, lately. Part because I haven’t known what to blog about lately, part I’ve been really busy and part feeling run down/ bummed out/ wanting to quit. While I’ve felt like that a couple of times since the marathon, the past week or so has been the worst. Up until yesterday I haven’t really talked about it much, I’ve just put on a good face, tried to just deal with it and ride it out…like the last few times. I decided to blog about it again, more for me, so I can try and sort it out.

So if you don’t want to read about it, head out now.

Yesterday was craptastic, I didn’t get up at 4am for my run. I set the alarm, I don’t remember getting up and turning it off. I woke up late, packed my gear to run at lunch…and then left that bag at home. My only chance to run would have been after Pam got home from work…at 9:30pm. Coach Jen said to take it as a rest day. I did and was in a funk about it.

I finally tweeted about it, and got some words of encouragement. Pam
noticed and tried to cheer me up. Thanks to everyone I feel a little
better today, but still a bit….meh. I think it’s a combination of
adjusting to this commute, the new training routine and having too much
on my plate in general.

Take this week for example. It has been crazy busy. The highlight was
Tuesday as I had the chance to attend the Chicago Marathon Charity
Program Workshop. I went on behalf of the American Heart Association,
and am glad I went. I got to hang out with one of the peeps I’ve met on
twitter, Brady (@bgervais). I learned a lot and was fired up.

Wednesday I was supposed to have another meeting with AHA, for another
committee. I had to back out and work. After missing Tuesday I couldn’t
afford to miss more time this week. After some time to think, I’m going
to have to back out of the second AHA committee. Being the chair for the
running team is more than enough, and I feel a bit of pressure to hit
the goals. Sure it’s self imposed, but I really want this year to be a

Our first committee meeting is next Thursday morning and I’ll admit, I’m
antsy about it. I think we have a good group, and I think we’ll be able
to knock one out of the park. Thursdays meeting should give me a good
clue if we’ll be able to do so.

I also think this extra long commute is taking it’s toll. While I enjoy
spending extra time with K, the fact we spend 3-4 hours a day commuting
sucks. To combat that I’m going to try and work on the train…blogging,
reading articles for work, etc…on the train. It’s only for 2 more
weeks, so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I honestly don’t
know how Pam does it. It’s a little shorter of a commute for her as she
is closer to K’s school, but the extra time for me to get to the office
is a pain.

I think those two changes, dropping off the one committee and the
commute changing will help, a lot. I feel like I’m adjusting fine to the
training schedule. I feel stronger and am adjusting to swimming and biking. Honestly, I miss running as much as I was. Oh, I know it’ll be back up there after the Tri in May/ June/ July, so I’m not too worried.

I just found out, my guest post is up for Training Peaksgo check it out!

And finally, tomorrow I’m running the Santa Hustle 5k with some other team cubiclers! I’m excited, and more so because it looks like snow! With the snow in the forecast, I’m pretty sure a sub 30 PR is out of the picture. Though Coach Jen said to run it for fun, so I don’t think that would have happened anyway.

It is the first race for Malinski braggin’ rights, and I don’t plan to lose! I think it’ll be fun and I’m excited to run this again, a year later, and enjoy it.

More later!


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