Following my own advice...

Following my own advice...

I feel like I say each week is busy, I think it’s a given at this point. Such is the life of a working father/ endurance athlete in training with a wife pursuing her doctorate and 2 daughters under the age of 6.

This is my first post “on the go”…yep, I’m typing this on the blue line ride into the city. As I’ve been spending 3-4 hours a day commuting this month and seemingly wasting time each day, I finally decided to try blogging while we ride. I worried that K would be bored but she is enjoying a donut and using a paint app on my phone; she seems content.

As you may recall, last week I shared a link to my guest post on Training Peaks…go
on and read, I will wait. I gave a few tips for new runners/ endurance
athletes, heck…for anyone really. But I think I left one important one

Be flexible. Having the ability to adapt or adjust to any situation not
only plays an important role with training but also with life. Being
able to just roll with it, and think on the fly can reduce stress.

Two events recently have shown me how important this is, and that if I go with the flow, I tend to do this well.

Saturday, my friends who I was running with were late. I will admit, I
was irked, no… more anxious because they were delayed. They had my
race packet so I couldn’t just go start. So I waited, and did my best to
keep things in perspective. Instead of getting mad, yelling or throwing
a fit…I tried to relax. After what felt like a game of “Who’s on
first?” we met up, got ready and made it to the start of the race. Sure,
the race technically started as we walked up, but there were enough
runners that we had time and didn’t get left behind. It worked out.

The second event, the fact that it’s taken me 2 weeks to even think
about blogging like this, while commuting. Maybe I had an inkling
earlier but I brushed it off and dismissed it as not doable. So far, so

Instead of getting frustrated that I seemingly wasted time, I won’t go
there (other than mentioning it here). I’m excited of the
possibilities…wow, this technology stuff is super neat and useful! Who
would have though, right?

I guess that’s my philosophy, or my motto…that in the end, it all evens out. Life balances out. Worrying about something now doesn’t prevent or affect the
future. I lose sight of that and sometimes forget what I’ve learned. I
do it during training, when we go forK’s annual cardiology appointment,
with work…ok, ok, I need to keep working on it. Some advice to me,
practice what you preach.

And I will.

Today I got up at 4am and went for my run…holy crap is it icy out. Coach Jen
had me down for a 45:00 run, and to run how I felt. I pushed a little
bit but after a fall I pulled back and ran in zones 2 and 3. I felt good
and am glad I didn’t get hurt.

Tomorrow Ashley isn’t
able to meet, so I can either go to the gym on my own or take it as a
day off. Though I do have a swim scheduled. I’m undecided as to what to
do. I figure I;ll see how today goes, and decide tomorrow. Next week,
Ashley and I will be filming one of the days, so you can all see me get
my arse handed to me. Should be fun!

Speaking of my swim, anyone want to come film (and laugh) me? Coach Jen wants to see it on film, and give me some tips on my technique, or lack there of. So I need help if any one is game. Holler…

Sunday I’m down for a 1:20:00 group run, who wants to run? I’m thinking of running along the lake…anyone interested? Let me know!

That’s all I’ve got for now…more later!


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  • Ha!...I knew you were irked. I'm just glad we made it before the start.

  • In reply to paintwaterstudios:

    I was irked before the race a little, yeah. I'm glad you guys made it to.

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