Back on track...

Back on track...

Being sick sucks. Yes, it was just a cold but I was wiped out. I lost my voice Thursday evening and despite taking Thursday and Friday off of work, I ended up working some.  Not a huge deal as I was downtown anyway both days.

Thursday morning I had the first Start! Running Team committee meeting and I feel it went well. I really think we have a good group and am confident we’ll have a fantastic year! We’ve got some fun stuff in the works, so keep your eyes peeled for details! 

Actually, this Saturday at 8am, I need some runners to help with a
small project we’re doing. We’re meeting by Montrose Harbor, and are
asking for folks to wear red and come run for a bit. We’ll be filming a
little bit, so look pretty and big smiles! Email me if you’re interested.

Training wise, I missed the gym Wednesday, skipped the gym, ran slowly
on Thursday and skipped my Friday workout…I felt OK on Saturday. I
went for a 45 minute walk and spent the day with the girls and rested.

I got up this morning and got out for my 1:20:00 run at 6:45 or so. It
was slick out but not too bad. The streets were better than the
sidewalks. I struggled early, the lack of working out part of last week
hindered me a bit. I pushed through and enjoyed the beauty of my snowy

The wind picked up around the half way point, and I picked up the pace
a little…though still fairly slow overall. I ended up doing 7 miles,
and felt OK. My legs were sore, partially from running tense. I was
afraid to slip, so I didn’t run relaxed. My right IT band acted up a
little bit but feels alright now.

This week is fairly busy. I hit the gym with Ashley Bond
tomorrow and Wednesday. We’ll be shooting some video of a workout to
share. Should be fun! Tuesday is the Chicago Now Holiday party, click here for details…hope to see you there!

While I’ve been quiet here, I have still been writing. I have a couple
of posts I’ve been working on, but I’m not sure if I’ll publish them.
I’ll work on them and ponder that.

My goal, post more often. On that note…talk to you tomorrow! More later!

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