I'm so tired I can't think of a good blog post idea...

I'm so tired I can't think of a good blog post idea...

Let alone a catchy title for it. Seriously, I got nothing. I will say be prepared for some random stuff as I’m both physically and mentally tired. Enjoy the randomness.

The light at the end of the tunnel for me is that I’m not falling apart and will apparently adjust to this new routine; at least that’s what Coach Jen and Ashley both say.

When they’ve said it or emailed it, I just sort of nod or grunt in agreement.  Ok…maybe not really in agreement. It’s more like hoping they are right and maybe if I nod or look like I agree with them, that somehow my nodding will make it happen faster. I really have no clue. I’m trying to have faith, I really am. But hot damn, today I feel like I’ve been run over by a large, fast moving object…like a train, a cow or a semi truck.


All joking and randomness aside, eventually I’ll settle in. I know. I’m just moving slow today. I’m tired and sore. My ass is sore, like I pulled a muscle in my ass. If you would have told me it was possible before today, I would have giggled like a school girl. I didn’t know it was possible, but now I see I was wrong. Ow! When I woke up this morning I had a hard time getting out of bed. The combination of soreness and tiredness sucked and I wondered, out loud I think, if this triathlon training is a good idea.

This is only the second week. Damn. Next week, Pam starts her 7-1/2 week break from school, so our at home routine will change. She’ll be taking PG to school now and working, while I will be blue lining it in and taking K to school through December. K and I ought to be a fun pair, we’re the ones who stress out when our routine changes. We settle in after about a week, I’m sure we’ll be fine.

I know Pam needs and is ready for the break. I think it’ll be good. She’ll work some nights, so I’ll have to make sure I get my workouts in before work and/ or at lunch. This break stats the holiday season off for us, and I think Pam just focusing on work and not school stuff will be less stressful for her, and give us more time to spend together, the four of us.

It hit me how close May is today too, 174 days until Pam graduates. While we don’t know right now what she’ll do next- job or residency, we’ll know by then! It will work out, stressing about it won’t help, at all. Whatever it is, she’ll be a doctor, and that kicks ass. All the hard work, the long hours, the stress…worth it when she walks across that stage! I have the same feeling today that I got on mile 24 in the marathon…holy crap, this is almost over. Soak it in! Enjoy th ride!

Wow, typing that, eye opening. Instead of dwelling on the pain and how tired I am, I should enjoy the ride. The fact that I have the ability to push myself and do what I’m doing. If that philosophy is good enough to do regarding Pam’s schoolin’, it’s definitely good enough for everything. So eff it, I’m going to stop bitching and enjoy the ride.

Speaking of rides, I need to get a bike stat. Best bike shop? Best brand? Any bike shop owners reading this? Need a bike on a low budget, I know I need to get measured…and I’ll go from there I suppose.

Alright, more later.

As always, if you want to run, with me or with the Start! Running Team for the American Heart Association, shoot me an email…daniel.malinski@gmail.com. And go like cubicle dad runs on facebook!

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