i don't know...

i don't know...

This is my first week back with Coach Jen and my first week with 2 days of strength training with Ashley
This year, we’ve added in triathlon training and have changed up the routine.  So while I’m training again, it’s new.  Rationally I’m fairly certain I’ll be OK, I just need to adjust and find my
groove.  At least I was until this morning.

My goal for the week, as with most was to own it and to whoop its ass.  Now, I’m hoping to just survive it and not have my ass handed to me.

But on my run this morning, I struggled. My legs felt heavy and I feel sluggish.  I’m sore, more than I expected and I was moving slow. 

About a mile into my run my mind started to wander.  I started to panic about doing a triathlon to even the 5k on Saturday.  I felt like I was struggling on my own and it was showing…how would I be able to keep a positive face on for everyone I’m running with?

By the time I got
home I wasn’t sure I could do this.  I was doubting it big time.  With
the Start! Running Team,
work, family time, Pam’s schedule and training…it’s a lot, more than
last year.  Can I do this? Should I? Maybe I’m doing too much.  Should I
drop something?  Pull back?

I don’t know.  I don’t think so. It’s be too knee jerky to make a change already I think. I mean on paper on google calendar it looks doable.  I still think it is, I’m just not 100% sure like I was last week.

After I got home and ate, I logged my data and how I felt it went for Coach Jen
and she confirmed my assumption.  There will be an adjustment period. 
This new routine is a big change.  I’m not just running anymore, and I’m hitting the gym more, focusing on strength, hitting the bike and swimming…it’s a lot for my body to adjust to, let alone wrap my head around.  I’ll do my best to ride it out, make sure I’m getting enough rest and eating well.

I have to admit, I’m nervous as hell about my swim today. I haven’t been in a pool in 4 years, and haven’t really gone for a swim, a solid workout swim since high school.  I have joked with folks that I was going to take K’s water wings with.  Maybe I should have packed them.  My goal is to go during “lunch” today, and not chicken out. Going earlier gives me more time tonight to rest. 

Tomorrow I’m taking a personal day.  I need it, to clear my head.  That and we have K’s parent teacher conference, and the Hot Chocolate 15k/5k Expo to go to.  Pam and I are thinking maybe a movie too.  We’ll see how it goes.

Then Saturday is race day!!! It looks like it’ll be cold, which I love!  Sunday is rest day, and then next week we hit it hard again.

I’ll post some pics of the Expo tomorrow, and a recap of the Hot Chocolate 5k Sunday sometime!

More later!


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  • Just take it one step at a time. It seems overwhelming when you look at the whole jumble of stuff, but when you take it as it comes you can get it accomplished!

  • In reply to fbbabe98:

    Thanks Meg. Sometimes it's difficult when you're in the moment, but when I'm able to step back...I'm ok.

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