remember to breathe...

remember to breathe...

So for a brief moment, ok since yesterday through this morning, my “get up and go”, my enthusiasm about training is in the back seat now…trying to kick open the door to get out.  Yep, it’s trying to make a break for it.  Coach Jen has my schedule in…running, strength training with Ashley at HiFi, swimming, biking and a 5k.  What a first week back!

At first glance I got antsy, ok more an all out panic really.  I was stuck on wondering how the hell I’m going to do all of this, and work, and be there for Pam and the girls, and Chair the Start! Running Team, and blog, and get any sleep.


Ada, my partner in crime at work caught me mid freak out yesterday.  She
told me to remember to breathe.  Great advice!    I was thinking big
picture…again.  I need to take it a day at a time.  I’ll be

Looking at everything a day at a time makes it manageable. 
Everything will fit.  The days with multiple workouts, the two that got
me going…they’re not that bad.  I’ll do one workout in the morning, and the other at lunch or after work.  It’s not that bad.

Having done this before helps.  Working with Coach Jen helps.  She knows life in the Malinski home is hectic.  I have a strong support system, great family and friends who help out.

I know I need to just step back, calm down and remember to breathe.  Most importantly, to have fun and enjoy it.  It’s just running, swimming and biking…not life or death, not open heart surgery, not nuclear physics or rocket science.  I’m doing this because I love it.  Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of that.

My advice to you is the same for me, remember to breathe.  Enjoy whatever it is you are doing…because you’re doing it.  Be thankful for the opportunity and don’t squander it.  Have fun and remember to smile!

Lets make a deal to tackle each day, one at a time, with a smile on our faces.  That’s my plan, who’s with me?

More later!

As always, if you want to run, with me or with the Start! Running Team for the American Heart Association, shoot me an email… And go like cubicle dad runs on facebook!

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