working on my race plan for 1/2 Madness in Batavia...

working on my race plan for 1/2 Madness in Batavia...



On one hand I feel like my race plan for 1/2 Madness is simple…take my plan from the Chicago RnR1/2 and run with it.  On the other hand, I’m growing more anxious as we get closer to the Chicago Marathon and worry if I push too hard, or run stupid I’ll get hurt.  That fine line feels as it’s getting even narrower as we get closer to the marathon.

I’ve been going back and forth on this since the weekend.  Run safe or go for a PR?  And I’ve come to the conclusion, I can do both.  As of now they’re calling for a high of 88 on that day.  Though the start is at 7am, so in theory it shouldn’t be too bad.

I’m going to set 3 times I’ll be happy with…to try and have something for the conditions.  A time I can live with, one I’ll be happy with and one I’d be ecstatic about.  Once I get my plan firmed up and run it by Coach Jen, I’ll share it here.


I heard from folks on Monday that some of the street banners for the marathon went up on La Salle.  As I was home with PG on MOnday and out in Naperville Tuesday, the first chance I had to go check them out was yesterday.

I turned the corner onto La Salle off of Jackson…holy cow, they’re everywhere!  I snapped a few pics of the 5 that are in rotation there.  My office mates wanted to take a walking tour and check them out at lunch.  They were excited and pointing me out to folks who were walking by, and had me pose for a pic under my banner.  It’s really trippy walking along and seeing a bunch of pictures of yourself.  Pam wants to take K over there to show her the pics of her daddy al over later this week.

Workout wise, tonight I’m hitting the gym after the girls go to bed and going to run tomorrow morning.  Saturday is my rest day and Sunday I’m scheduled for a long run of 2:00:00. 

And of course, next week is race week!  I’m excited and nervous.  Excited to shoot for a PR, and nervous because this the last race before the marathon.  No other races to use as a distraction.  It’ll be September and about a month out.  Wow, this year has flown by!

It’s going to be fun and yes, it’ll be hard but I’m going to try and enjoy it as best as I can!

More later!

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