sandwich run recap...

sandwich run recap...

Mmmmm…sandwich run.  A year ago that meant going to Subway or Jimmy Johns, and having 2 sammiches because, you know, one ‘healthy’ sandwich is fine BUT two?  Now that’s REALLY healthy.  Ugh, how far I’ve come.

No, this week my long run was split in two parts, Saturday night and yesterday morning…sandwiched around some sleep.  Saturday night the girls and I met Pam at her dad’s house.  We were helping watch his dog for him so meeting there saved some time.  My plan was to run from his house and end up at home.  The route I finally settled on took me right by a Jewel and a couple of gas stations along the way, where I could stop and refuel a little.  I also had an extra bottle of Gatorade in the trunk of the car, so I could adjust my route if needed.
I got going around 7:40pm, the heat had died down but it was still a bit humid.  There was enough light to hit the trail for 2 miles.  Well, almost.  The last quarter mile it was too dark to run, so I walked it.  I was smart and had my headlamp which helped.  I hit the end of the trail and got moving again.

I felt good for the first two thirds of the run. I stopped at a gas station around mile 8, and I was starting to feel it.  Miles 9 and 10 I struggled…a lot.  I was a wreck and started to doubt.  I was struggling and didn’tknow how I’d get 12 in and then run again in the morning.  I called Pam at about mile 10, I was a half mile from our place and asked if she’dmeet me downstairs with two bottles of water…one to dump on me and one to drink.

Looking back, it helped.  The cold water shocked me enough to get me out of my head and focused again.  I ended up doing 12.35 tough miles in 2:31:01.  I got inside, stretched, took a quick ice bath/ cold shower and foam rolled.  I ate and took in some fluids and then headed for bed.

PG woke up around 1 or so, and we brought her in with us.  She fell back to sleep around 2.  I woke up at 6am feeling pretty good.  I was a little leery of running again, especially after struggling the night before.

Both Kand PG were up so I took them to the living room to let Pam sleep in.  She hasn’thad a chance to in forever.  Either I’ve een crashed out, gone for my long run, she’s had to work or needed to be up to leave for school.

She slept until 9…well, I was able to keep the girls at bay until 9am, they found momma and pounced.  I’m hopeful it was enough.  As my really long runs will be sandwich runs from here until the marathon, I’m hopeful we can try this again.  Pam deserves the sleep.

I got out just after 9:30am and headed for the trail.  Not completely sure why, but it’s my crutch route, my fall back route…where I can go and run and not think about what is ahead.  I know it like the back of my hand.  I can see every turn, every rise and dip…it’s comfortble, like a routine.  I thought after the tough time I had last night I’d keep it simple.

It was a pretty uneventful run, I just did a 3.85 mile out and back, ending up running 7.7 miles in 1:32:24.  My total for the entire sandwich run, 20.05 miles in 4:03:25. I was pooped.  So does this count as a 20 mile run?  If it oes,  awesome.  If not, still feel good about it over all.

I took another ice bath and stretched again, ate and grabbed a quick nap.  The four of us went to brunch with Pam’s dad and her grandma at the Original Pancake House.  Mmmmm…pancakes.

Afterwards we headed for Runners High n Tri to get some kore gear… some compression leggings, more body glide, nipple gaurds and…my marathon shoes. Eek!  I’ve run in Brooks Beast since I started.  After a quick chat with Mark he thought I could try the Brooks Addiction 9 and see how they feel.  I tried them out and the first thing that jumped out…they’re lighter than the Beast.  They also offer great stability, and I’m excited to get them broken in!  Mark also gave me a little pep talk, which I needed as well.

We then went for our traditional, start o the semester trip to Ikea…I love Ikea.  We don’treally buy anything, we just enjoy walking around.  Pam and I chat about things we like, and what we’d do in our first house.
It was a busy but enjoyable day.  A great was to end the week  and decompress before another busy week.  K starts Kindergarten, Pam starts her new rotation, I have the company golf outing.  Luckily for the other golfers I am not golfing.  I am selling mulligans and 50/50 raffle tickets to raise funds to go toward my marathon fund raising for the American Heart Association
.  I’ve got a full size print of the foursome I was in from last year’s outing, I’m calling Big Dan my big brother.
Should be fun!
  And then finally, the 2011 budget process is in full swing.  Training will give me a great outlet, so while it’ls going to be tough I’m looking forward to the release.
More later!

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