rest week, long run split...

rest week, long run split...
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This week has been a step back week.  I ran Tuesday night and last night.  Tonight I’m hitting the gym and tomorrow is my second rest day.  Yes, Coach Jen gave me an extra rest day this week, yay! 

We’re also changing how I’ll attack my long runs from here on out.  I’ll be splitting my long runs from here on out.  And when Coach Jen first brought it up I was apprehensive.  But she explained it, and it makes sense.  I also found a great read on it on…check it out

Coach Jen doesn’t like anyone running over 3 hours.  And as I’m slow, and do 15 miles in 3 hours, when Coach Jen wants me to run 20-21 miles, we will split it up and run either 2 times in one day or one at night and then running again the following morning.

And that goes into effect this week.  I’ll running 2:30:00 Saturday night and 1:30:00 on Sunday morning. 

Right now the plan is to run as soon as Pam gets home after work…so about a
7:30pm start.  It’s not ideal going so late, but it’s the only day my wife can work.  We’ll try it and see how it works.  If it bombs, we’ll try Sunday morning and Sunday night next week.

I don’t know where I’m going to run Saturday night.  I think it’s going
to be too late to hit the trail so I’ll have to plan out my route a bit. 
I think I’ll use our place as my hydration station, and continue with
the out and back method as it’s working pretty well.

As soon as I get home, I’m hopping into an ice bath and eating, possibly at the same time, then then hitting the sack.  Sunday morning I’ll head out around 9 or 9:30am for the second half of the run and will more than likely hit the trail for that part.

I’m supposed to run with my heart rate in zones 1-3 only, so a moderate run…err, runs.  I’m hopeful both runs will go fine.  We’ll see how I respond to the split.

Yesterday you saw that the Bank of America Chicago Marathon 10-10-10: Date to Motivate was launched.  We’ve been told our stories will be shared all over the city in various places and ways.  And all 10 of us will be on the Bank of America Chicago Marathon mural along the Kennedy.  I drive past the building everyday ont he way to and from work.  It’s kind of trippy to think that I’m going to be up there.  But really, I’m trying not to think about it too much.  I need to stay focused on training, and as Dave Wallach said this morning…remember to have fun.  That’s one of the biggest reasons I’ve fallen in love with running.

Anyway, I was sent a couple of pictures of the mural’s progress and thought I’d share.

And again, if you haven’t go read about the 9 awesome people I’ve been included with
As I said, it’s both an honor and a blessing to be included in this group.  If you haven’t voted yet, remember to do so.  Visit Bank of America Chicago Marathon online to vote and customize the marathon experience!

More later!


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  • "I'm supposed to run with my heart rate in zones 1-3 only, so a moderate run...err, runs. I'm hopeful both runs will go fine." hmm you are running geek arent you i have a bike and i love to customize it just yesterday i chromed it atbicycle motor and im wondering is it the same for runing ??do you always try to customize or upgrade your trainers??

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