10 mile run recap and pre 1/2 Madness thoughts...

10 mile run recap and pre 1/2 Madness thoughts...

Today I got in my long run of 2:00:00, I wanted 10 miles and went out with that distance in mind.  I felt good last night after hanging out with K and PG and knew I was going out early enough that the heat shouldn’t be a factor.

I got up at 5am, got ready, ate and then got running at 5:30am.  Coach Jen wanted me to warm up easy, and then after an hour to pick up the pace to my pace for 1/2 Madness next weekend for 45:00, and finish the last 15:00 easy.


I felt pretty good and got 2.77 miles in before I hit the trail.  Some quick math and I knew I needed to hit 5.88 out to give me 10, with a quarter mile walk at the end.

I stuck with the same hydration, nutrition plan of drinking every 10:00, having a PowerBar Gel every 30:00 and a Salt Stick tab every 45:00…it seems to be working fine so far on long runs, so I figured why mess with it.

I hit 5 miles just over an hour feeling good, and I picked up the pace from there. Miles 6 and 7 went fine, mile 8 was a little tougher though it was my fastest at 10:57.  Mile 9 wasn’t too bad and ten I pulled back and ran just under 13:00.  My quick math was fairly spot on and I had about a quarter mile to walk home. 

I felt good…I had hit the distance I wanted, in about the time I wanted, 2:02:13.  And I felt like I could have gone farther.  All in all, I’m happy with the effort.  Entering a race week, I’ll take all the good vibes I can get!

After my run I got home, grabbed an ice bath and a couple of waffles.  Pam headed out for her walk/ jog and should be back here in a bit.  We may hang out with her dad for a bit with the girls, though I do have to get some laundry done. With week 1 of Kindergarten/ Pam’s latest rotation under our belts, I feel like we’re settling into our new routine fairly well.  And, I’m super happy to be running in the mornings again!  I missed getting up at 4am, while I struggled a bit getting up, I’m glad I can run early and have time at night to be with Pam and the girls.


I sent my race plan for next weekend to Coach Jen for her review.  It’s pretty similar to the plan I had set for the Chicago Rock n Roll 1/2.  I’m hopeful I’ll have more sleep the night before and be able to be more focused. 

My goal is to PR…if I can beat 2:41:24 I’ll be happy.  As of now Accuweather dot com is calling for a high on Sunday of 78, with a low Saturday of 58.  Nice and mild for the race…I like it.  I’ll keep an eye on the weather this week, hoping that holds.

I don’t think Pam and the girls are going to make the trek out to Batavia, it’s a bit much for them, so I’ll head out solo.  I think Dave Wallach is running as well, not sure if he’ll hang back with me or not, but I’ll plan on runnign solo and if he hangs back, it’ll be a nice surprise.

This week’s workout schedule looks OK. A walk tomorrow, runs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, rest on Friday and a 20:00 run Saturday morning early…then Race time!!!

More later!

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