10-10-10 The Date to Motivate

10-10-10 The Date to Motivate

A couple of months ago I applied to write a diary for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.  When they announced the 10 diary writers I though that was it.  I got an email a day or two after that and was asked if I would participate in part of the ad campaign for this year’s marathon…I said yes not knowing what to expect. 

As we got more into the process I was shocked as I started learning some of the details…and how big this would be.  I’m still trying to wrap my head around being included in all of this.

This morning Bank of America Chicago Marathon 10-10-10: Date to Motivate launched.  Here it is in a nutshell:  10 athletes. 10 stories. 10 motivations to run. 

Every one of the 45,000 people competing in the 2010 Bank of America
Chicago Marathon

has a unique motivation to run, whether it be to raise
money for a charity, beat a personal record or run in the memory of a
friend or family member. That personal motivation carries them to the
finish line and begins a ripple effect that reaches out to the crowds
and communities that surround them. To celebrate that positive surge, we
are highlighting 10 Chicago-area athletes participating in this year’s
marathon who represent that opportunity effect – turning one good action
into another. Each of these athletes has made a commitment not only to
complete the marathon, but to make a positive impact on their community.
Meet the 10 athletes who represent the mass of 45,000 who are all
putting opportunity in motion at the 2010 Bank of America Chicago

10-10-10 dtm.png

If you’re here there’s a good chance you know my story.  You really should go read about the 9 awesome people I’ve been included with
I am both honored and humbled to be included in this group.  I was told
all 10 athletes in the campaign were chosen because we motivate others
every day, not just by running, but in how we work to give back to
Chicago.  I’ve spent the morning reading about everyone, and I feel like
I’m lucky to be included in this group! 

Runners and fans can visit Bank of America Chicago Marathon online to vote and customize their marathon experience!

I want to thank Bank of America Chicago Marathon folks for including me in 10-10-10: The Date to Motivate and for their support as I work to raise awareness and funds for the American Heart Association.  And for helping spread the word about team cubicle.

To learn more about the 2010 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 10-10-10: Date to Motivate campaign, click here to view a video vignette.


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  • I am totally in awe of you!! Great post!!

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    Thank you! I'm still trying to process/ wrap my head around all of this...

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    AWESOME!!! I voted!

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