weigh-in wednesday, week 42 results...

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Results are in…I lost 1.1lbs this week, for a total loss of 102.9lbs.  I’m averaging a 2.45lb loss per week and need to average a 1.21lb loss per week to hit 210 by 10.10.10.

And I need pants, again…partially because of the lip gloss incident Sunday, but because they’re too big!  I definitely need new shorts as I still am in my old shorts…yeah, I look like a 70 year old man with them all cinched up.

And I still feel confident that I’ll get to 210 before Dave.  Though I have no idea where he stands, he hasn’t shared his weigh ins.  Either way, if you haven’t yet done so…go place your “bet” on who you think will get to 210 first.  As it stands now, 62.5% of those betting have bet on me to win and we have about $250 bet (donated) so far which is awesome!

Last night’s run was tough…I didn’t realize how hot is was until I left work.  Ugh!  I warmed up fine, for 15 minutes and then did 2 minutes hard, 1 minute easy, 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy…twice.  It hurt and I was sucking wind.  So a tough run after two solid runs…it is what it is.

I really can’t wait for Pam’s schedule to shift and I have a chance to run in the mornings again.

I feel bad as it stands now as I get home from work, go run and get back right as the girls are going to bed.  So right now, I’m seeing them the hour or so we’re up in the mornings.  Yeah, I could run after they go to bed, maybe I should.  I don’t know.  K told me she misses me and wants to play.  I felt so guilty when she told me that this morning.  I’ve got to rearrange things.

I woke up feeling like crud this morning.  I think I may be fighting a cold or
something.  I’m a little achy, stuffed up nose, feel sinus-y and
tired…I slept well, but still felt like I was hit by a truck.  I’m pushing fluids today and will see how I feel tonight after work.  I feel OK now that I’ve been up and moving for a bit…so I’m hopeful I’ll be fine.

I’ve got a 48:00 zone 1 and 2 run tonight, a 45:00 run with pick ups tomorrow and I rest on Friday.

I added a couple of pics from Monday night…one of Coach Jen and I and the other of Chrissie Wellington and I.  I look spaced out, maybe I was just in awe!

More later!


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  • I can understand the guilt you feel... but remember! You're doing this so you're not only there to play, but for graduations, weddings and all milestones. Hang in there!

  • In reply to kirstenemiller:

    I know...big picture, it'll be fine. Was tough to hear that. More so because I know I'm out of town next week.

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