weigh-in wednesday, week 41...still losing...

weigh-in wednesday, week 41...still losing...
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Week 41 is here, and I have to admit, for a quick minute I thought about stopping the weigh-in wednesdays.  Part of me felt like it’s lost a little of the luster having hit the 100lb mark.  But I’m still trying to lose and still trying to beat Dave to 210.  So I’m going to keep doing them until I hit a good weight.  When will that happen? No idea, but it’ll be fun to find out!

With that said, results are in…I lost 1.3lbs last week, for a 41 week total loss of 101.8lbs.  My magic number to 210 now stands at 13.8lbs.

I’m waiting to Dave to send in his weigh in results, so we can see who is in the lead (me) and who has to pick up the pace (Dave).

Last week I talked about being in a funk, and wasn’t sure why.  Getting it out there helped me sort through it, as well as the folks who commented.  I’m glad I lost the
weight, but I still see the fat guy staring back at me in the mirror.  Part of me thought that once I lost 100lbs I’d be all buff and ripped.  True, I feel 100 times better.  But it’s hard to change that image I’ve had of myself for so long.

Even when running with Dave, and he’s in cheerleader mode (no skirt and pom poms), calling me a gazelle, a stud or a machine I sometimes have to stifle a snicker because I don’t always see it.  Sure, when I step back and take a look at things from outside of my head a bit, I see it.  The goal is to see it, feel it and know it on my own.  I’ll get there…not sure when, but I will.

Last night, I did my fartlek run for 60:00 that Coach Jen had me down for.  I’d like to say I rocked it, but I don’t think I can claim that.  I’m considering it a draw.  I got out as the rain started.  I felt a little uneasy and was worried
I’d wipe out…I think I held back a little.

It was tough….ok this run hurt. I dry heaved after the fifth 90-second up-tempo…ugh. Fought through, and did ok.  On the run home, I had a run in with a douche on a bike.  As I was running on Central, which is pretty busy in the evenings, I was on the sidewalk.  It narrows on the bridge.  I didn’t see the guy coming over the hill.  Truth be told I wasn’t expecting a bike ont he sidewalk.  While the street was busy, there were bikes on the road.  I looked up almost in time and tried to get out of the way.  BAM! He got my left thigh.  Bike douche was kind enough to tell me to look where I was going…I was grateful.  And I’ve got a nice bruise forming…super.

I survived, got home, cleaned up, stretched and ate.  I think we were in bed by 9:30 last night.  This morning I got up and headed out for my zone 1 recovery run, hot damn my legs were stiff!  I did 3.25 miles and felt alright.

I had to run this morning as I’ll be at the Chicago Now Tweet-up tonight at Bull & Bear…if you’re going, I’ll see you there.  If you haven’t decided to go, you should…it’s going to be fun!

More later!

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