reflecting back on a busy week and looking ahead on my rest day...

reflecting back on a busy week and looking ahead on my rest day...

I talked about how busy the week was going to be, and now that I’m through it…hot damn, it was hectic.  I had something going on everyday in addition to working a full day.  Needless to say I’m grateful rest day is here. 


Next week isn’t as bad, though I do have a few things on the plate.  It’s race week, I’ve got to start packing for my trip the following week to Lexington and it’s race week…yeah, I mentioned it twice.  I have a touch of the nerves today.  More on that in a bit.

Monday night I’ll be in Arlington Heights for the second half of the Dynamic Duo series hosted by Runners High n’ Tri…this week, Ironman Champion and world record holder Chrissie Wellington will be on hand for a special Q & A!  I’m excited to go as it’s sure to be an awesome time!

Last night after work Pam and I headed to Meijer for groceries, home to
put them away, over to my FIL’s house to get the girls and then I
ran…yep, at 8pm.  Just as the storms were passing I got out.  It felt
extra humid.

I had a one hour run with twelve 20-second pick ups mixed in.  I felt good and ended up running 5.1 miles. 

I saw yesterday that Coach Jen had laid out the week ahead, and it’s a rest/ race week.  I’ve got my 1:30:00 run tomorrow followed by some shorter runs, and an extra rest day on Friday! Wahoo!  Coach Jen also added a new twist…she wanted my race plan for the Rock n Roll Chicago 1/2.  Based on what she asked, here’s the plan I sent her (with meal tweak added).

Pacing for the race
Plan to negative split.  Run 12-13 pace for the
1st half.  Slower if hot out, if not my goal is 12:00ish for the first
half of the race.  Then hit the mid way point and pick it up…12:00 to
sub-12 pace, again depending on conditions.  Finish strong and empty the tank!

Fueling for the race
Day prior…
Hydrate with water and
Gatorade Endurance.
Lunch:  pasta with broccoli and cauliflower. 
Dinner:  salad with spinach, walnuts, strawberries, raspberries and blue
berries. Chicken breast and cous cous.
Race morning:  oatmeal with almonds, mini bagel with 1 tbl PB and water- 20-32oz; Gatorade to sip on until race warmup.
During race:  Salt Stick tab every 45 minutes, Gu every 30 minutes, drink every 10 minutes.  Hit aid stations for Gatorade and water.

Race Day timeline
330am- wake up, get ready
4am- Blue line to Jackson
5am- arrive at start, find AHA tent try and relax.
6am- line up for start
630am- start
9-930a- finish, depends on when I actually cross the line.  After finish eat and head home
1030a- ice bath, stretching, hydrating and packing
5p- arrive at O’Hare

So there you go.  My goal, as with the my first 1/2 marathon is to run a negative split.  Last night I was pulling a 12:00 in low zone 1.  I feel confident I’ll beat my PR time of 2:41:24.  My split time should tell me how I’m doing.  If I’m ahead of 1:24:06, I’ll feel like I’m in pretty good shape.  My pipe dream for the race…to break 2:30:00.  To do so I’ll need to pace better than 11:27…depending on conditions, I feel like I could do it.  I want a new PR first, that’s goal one.  We’ll see how it goes.


As I mentioned, I’m a bit nervous this morning.  It’s a busy week with a lot going on and a lot coming up; I’ve got to keep myself even keeled.  Thinking about everything on my plate makes my head spin, so I’m resolving to not think big picture. 

I’m going to work on my To Do list for the week, and break things into smaller tasks.  I’ll focus on that, and focus on each day, doing what I can.  I should be fine.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s run, but glad I have today to rest…and resting while hanging out with K and PG is an added bonus!

More later!


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  • Oooh, very jealous of your meet-up with Chrissie Wellington, what a great opportunity! I like your race plan, thanks for sharing it here. I'm thinking of adding more run-only events next year, we'll see. :-) Sara

  • In reply to IronMakeover:

    Thanks Sara! I'm hopeful the weather will be mild.

    I'm thinking of adding some multi-sport events next year! :D

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