race weekend is here...

race weekend is here...

And the nerves have kicked in this morning.  I’m less than 48 hours from starting the Rock n Roll 1/2 and I have no clue what the deal is.  I felt great last night.  Had a good run, I relaxed, slept fine. 

Woke up this morning and my mind was racing already.  I dropped the girls off and took a few minutes to try and clear my head.  It sort of worked.  I’m just trying to ride the wave out.

I feel ready, I feel like I can do this.  The distance doesn’t scare me.  I’ve run it before and feel confident I can again.  Is it the weather? No, shouldn’t be too horrible out. 


I guess it’s just pre-race nerves, so I’ll go with that.  Today’s plan
is to lay low as it’s a rest day.  I’m working a 1/2 day and then
heading toward the Rock n Roll 1/2 Expo this afternoon to wander for a bit.  I think
tonight our highlight will be grocery shopping.

Tomorrow Coach Jen has me down for a 20 minute run in the morning and then resting and hydrating the rest of the day.

I’m not sure if Pam is going to come down to the race or not Sunday…I told her she could lay low if she wanted and just hang out at home with the girls.  If she and the girls were going to come down she’d have to wrangle the kids on her own, drive down, park and try to manage both of them…and then try to find me.  I’m fine with her sitting this one out…the race that counts is in October.  We’ll talk about it and go from there.

Depending on Pam’s rotation schedule today, I may sit tight and wait to go to the Expo with her.  My plan is to get there between 1 and 2 and stay for a while.  If you’re going this afternoon, give me a shout!  I’ll take some pics at the Rock n Roll 1/2 Expo and post a recap tonight or tomorrow…I think it’ll be fun! 

More later!


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  • Good luck! You'll do great!

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