My long run before race week...

My long run before race week...

Last night PG decided to cough her self to vomiting.  After cleaning her up and trying to calm her down, she fell asleep around midnight.  I came real close to texting Dave and telling him I’d run later in the day. 

I decided I’d wait and see how I felt when I got up and moving.  I ended up waking up at 4:30 or so to get ready, and man I was dragging.  After eating I perked up and felt OK.  I got my gear ready, filled my fuel belt and packed my Gu.

I got outside and was shocked…it was cool!  I was surprised but happy.  Finally, a run where it wasn’t going to be hot and humid.

Truth be told, I was a little worried about today’s run.  Dave said he
wanted to do 8 miles…I didn’t think I’d be able to hang at that pace.  I thought
the morning would end up with Dave yelling and/or punching me and me in the fetal position crying.

We headed out at 6:30 and did a 2 mile out and back.  Our first mile we
paced at 11:34 and mile 2 clocked in at 10:48!  I thought we were
hauling ass but I checked my heart rate…zone 2.  Whoa! Cool!  I
started to think I could do this.  Well the first 4 miles.  Mile 3 11:05
and Mile 4 was 10:43.  I was glad when we got back to the cars, and
refueled.  I didn’t know if I could keep that pace up for another 4

Miles 5-7 my foot acted up.  As I told Dave it’s a good news, bad news
type of thing.  The good news, I think I may be nearing the end of the
wart treatment.  The bad news, it’s raw effing skin under the blister
that came off.  But I don’t see signs of a wart.  Hooray and ow!

With that, the second out and back went fine.  Mile 5 we paced at
11:40, mile 6 was 12:00, mile 7 paced at 11:37 and mile 8..our “cool
down” mile we paced at 10:53!!!  Nice!  I was winded, but felt OK.  I think I could have gone farther.  I uploaded the run to Garmin Connect and thought I’d share…check it out!

I needed this run today.  I had some nerves yesterday about the Rock n Roll 1/2 next week, and this morning helped…a lot!  Definitely a great way to head into race week!  I think Dave needed it too as he’ll be at Steelhead on Saturday! 

I stretched and then headed home.  I called Pam on the way and we decided to take PG in to see a doctor and I’m glad we did.  Turns out she has a double ear infection.  She’s sort of like her sister…runny nose, cough, no fever…ear infection.  Poor girl.  Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in and she’ll feel better fast.  We’ll see how she does.

She had a short nap and Pam decided to take her on her walk/jog now to get her some fresh air.  K and I are chilling out and relaxing.

More later!


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  • You are a rock star dude:) I knew you had it in you. Those ears, told you so. Good to hear you took her in, I'm sure you are all going to sleep better tonight:)
    Remember- Saturday, you pace me at Steelhead.
    Sunday- Rnr 1/2:).
    Awesome job!

  • In reply to DavidWallach:

    Thanks man!

    Yeah, I'm glad we did too!

    Ha, dude! If I would if I could!

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