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weigh-in wednesday, week 38!

Results are in…I’m down 3.1lbs this week for a total loss of 93.5 lbs total.  Single digit magic number!  I’ve got 6.5lbs to go to hit the goal! Wahoo! I had been 5lbs away after my run on Sunday…but I refueled and rehydrated.  I’m ecstatic with the result and think I’ll hit it in a... Read more »

running gear review: Garmin Forerunner 110...

About 2 weeks ago now I started using the new Garmin Forerunner 110, and I have to say I love it.  As a new runner I wanted an easy to use HR monitor with GPS, and that’s exactly what I got with the Forerunner 110!  The Forerunner 110 came with a heart rate monitor strap…the... Read more »

kick ass headband giveaway!

One of the things I’ve learned along the way is that not having hair kind of sucks.  Specifically running without hair sucks.  See, I sweat…a lot.  And with no hair the sweat just runs down my face, into my eyes and well, I look a mess.  Ok, more so than usual.  That’s why I typically... Read more »

my belt has given up...

Yesterday my belt, the new one that I’ve had for the last 2 months gave up.  If it could have spoken to me, the buckle would have said, “nuh uh, no more pulling tight to hold up your baggy pants, no more new holes…that’s it, the belt and I are done!” And then it fell... Read more »

I'm tuckered out...

Ah, rest day.  The day where I can lounge around and do nothing.  The day where everyone wait on me hand and foot. Ha!  Right.  My rest day has consisted of heading to Meijer early, to drop Pam off, then home with the girls.  Then to one of K’s school friend’s birthday party two houses... Read more »

long, wet run recap...

I had planned on calling this post something like “a solid run” or “I’m a dope”.  But I settled on the title above. This morning started out ok.  I got to sleep in until 5:45am, got up, ate a bit and got ready to run.  I checked the weather on my phone and saw a... Read more »

the hills are alive with the sound of...

Me swearing.  Ok, some swearing and me screaming like Nathan Lane from “The Birdcage” with a little Chris Tucker from”The Fifth Element”.  Why all the noise?  Well I ran hills this morning.  While it hurt, the pain was not the reason for my hooting and hollering.  See, I chose my hill for today poorly.  On... Read more »

group run and hills and more, oh my!

Today’s post promises to be a smörgåsbord of fun…or something.  Ok, more like I have a few random thoughts I wanted to share and needed a way to do it all at once.  So I went with this.  Are you hooked? Still reading?  Wait, don’t go…see, this will work. I haven’t had a group run,... Read more »

weigh-in wednesday, week 37 results!!!

Results are in…I lost 3.6lbs last week!  For those counting at home, that brings the weight loss total to 90.4 lbs through 37 week!  My first reaction…Holy effing crap!  90% of the way there! Wooooooooooo! Ha, one good thing to come out of the heat and humidity, I had a big week.  I was fairly... Read more »

character building...

I’ve decided that running in the heat is a little like starting all over.  Or at least it feels that way after last night’s run and the run this morning.  I said the other day that sending Dave that email, that starting on this journey was the hardest part. Running in the heat is a... Read more »