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cubicle dad needs you!

Earlier today I shared the latest weigh-in wednesday results…and I’m ecstatic at how much I’ve lost and how far I’ve come. Though it got me thinking, I need help hitting my fund raising goal. I want to raise $5,000 for the American Heart Association!  So far I’ve raised about $1,600!  Which is fantastic! I chose... Read more »

weigh-in wednesday- week 25 results

Results are in…I lost 2.4lbs this week, for a 25 week total loss of 72.5lbs!  That’s an average of 2.9lbs lost per week, with 27.5lbs to go towards the goal of losing 100lbs.  To hit that by 10.4.10 I need to average a loss of 1.02lbs per week over the next 27 weeks.  With the... Read more »


Why whoa?  Well, I’ll tell you. Just sit back, relax and read along. Coach Jen had me run in zone 2 today for 50 minutes.  No big deal right?  Right, nothing “whoa” about that.  I was itching to get back to running after my rest day and a walk day yesterday. I got up at... Read more »

in run refueling...

As the runs are getting longer Coach Jen, RD Beth and Dave have begun talking about the importance of in-run nutrition.  Dave’s goal has been for me to try new things, to find what agrees with my system.  So when we hit the long races, the 1/2 marathons and the Chicago Marathon, I’m good to... Read more »

jam packed saturday morning...

I knew this morning’s run would be a tight fit in the schedule.  I had to go early and get it in before the girls had their annual check ups.  So I was a tad stressed. Our group run fizzled to just Dave Wallach and I, so we headed out at 7am from my house... Read more »

ooh, tingly...

This morning I did something new.  Something daring.  Something I haven’t really done since I started training with Coach Jen…I ran naked.  Again, no…not nekkid naked, no heart rate monitor naked. I didn’t think much about it really, until I got going.  I felt like a dog off a leash!  No worrying about what zone... Read more »

upcoming schedule and stuff...

A look ahead shows things ramping up a bit the rest of this week and next.  Today I hit the gym, nothing major to report really…I went, did my lift, spun and headed home. Tomorrow Coach Jen has me down for a naked run.  No, you perv, not naked like that.  I’ll admit, I thought... Read more »

socially awkward...

Ok, so I decided to write about this after the Chicago Now Tweet-up last night…I sat and stared at my screen, and decided to come back to it this morning.  And again, I stared not sure I should share, or how to even begin. I knew after the get together last night; while I’m doing... Read more »

weigh in wednesday...the birthday edition

Results are in…I lost 3.4lbs this week, for a whopping 70.1lbs lost in 24 weeks!!! This is insane!  I’m still trying to wrap my head around it really.  I look in the mirror and still think I look the same, but my clothes are loose again.  I think I have to go buy new pants... Read more »

fear and confidence...

I mentioned yesterday that I really glad Dave Wallach and my family were at the race, that they helped me get through it.  While chatting with Lauren Kaminsky last night, she made a point…while yes, having them there helped, but I ran the race and finished.  I’m the one doing to hard work and the... Read more »